LG WebOS App Development

LG webOS, previously known as Open webOS, HP webOS and Palm webOS, is a multitasking operating system for smartphones and now the official OS to LG Smart TVs. The LG WebOS is considered one of the best OS for Smart TVs owing to its fast speed and regular updates.

We have an expert team of LG smart TV developers to help you across all the processes of LG WebOS TV app development and successfully launch your app in the LG Content Store

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Why should you have an LG WebOS TV app?

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LG is a top global TV manufacturer claiming a whopping 8% of the total worldwide market share in smart TVs in the first quarter of 2022. Equipped with their proprietary LG WebOS platform, they are fully prepared to attract a steadily growing user base. The WebOS platform is known to constantly come up with innovative features, such as the StandbyME model and buttonless remote, supported by the latest WebOS TV 6, virtual keypads and LG TV apps compatible with touchscreen-enabled devices. Several entertainment companies are now opting for LG WebOS app development to expand their services to the ever-increasing LG Smart TV users.

What are the LG TV App Development services you can get from us?

LG WebOS is renowned globally for its fast speed and great versatility. At 4 Way Technologies, our specialized teams help you build an LG Smart TV app end-to-end, ensuring that your app optimally plays on the acclaimed speed, functionality, and simplistic aesthetic of LG WebOS apps.

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WebOS App UI Design

We use Enyo UI controls and Enact UI library to design LG WebOS TV apps. Our team of experienced designers take into account your requirements to build LG TV apps that are simple, de-cluttered and have a lean-back 10 ft UI to ensure your users receive the best possible experience from your LG TV app. We strive to build LG WebOS apps with ultra-immersive user experience through clever use of sound and motion. Our designs are consistent and user-friendly. We are also efficient in building personalisation features such as letting users mark favourites and providing recommendations, in your LG TV apps to maximize user engagement.

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WebOS App Development

LG WebOS apps are written in JS and built using Node.js in the backend. Our expert team of LG WebOS tv developers build LG TV apps that can download data in the background with glitches which enhances the user experience for your LG TV apps. Uploading files or sharing data can also be made highly simplified in your LG Smart TV app. Our LG Smart TV developers use DRM technology to automatically protect your digital rights. Your LG WebOS apps created by us would also be fully compatible with the StandbyME model, supported by the latest WebOS TV 6.

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WebOS App Testing

Our LG Smart TV developers use Luna service API to enable seamless cross-platform usage for your LG TV apps. To guarantee a faultless and trouble-free user experience, our Quality Testing team performs various sets of performance testing depending on a wide range of characteristics.

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WebOS App Maintenance and Support

We provide reliable services for app maintenance for your LG WebOS TV app on all compatible LG hardware. In addition to any necessary troubleshooting, our routine maintenance services include system inspections, accessibility checks, and usability assessments.

Why pick 4 Way Technologies for LG TV App Development?

We provide you with solutions to fully develop your LG WebOS app and assist in the glitch-free release of your applications on the LG Content Store. We help you create your individual LG TV app by offering a variety of expert customizations to suit your requirements and individuality. We are particularly attentive to accurately identifying your target audience to develop interactive LG WebOS Smart TV apps that stream the content you want to stream and increase viewership.

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We have experts for:

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LG Smart TV Application Development

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Leanback UI/UX Design

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Seamless Migration

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Smart TV Game Development

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Cross-Platform API Integration

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We follow a high-throughput agile methodology for all our projects, allowing you greater involvement in the process of developing your LG Smart TV app. We also ensure efficient time and resource management which allows us to deliver tasks on time at fairly competitive pricing.

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Do you also have these queries?

What is WebOS, anyway?

WebOS is a smart TV OS. It is Linux-Kernel based open-source multitasking operating system. Initially developed by Palm Inc. Later it was acquired by LG and hence, redesigned as LG WebOS. LG WebOS has a slick design and easy to use interface. It is been used in TVs, fridges and projectors.

    What are LG WebOS applications? Where do the LG WebOS applications are available?

    LG WebOS applications are somewhat similar to standard applications in appearance but with purely different back-end coding. To have a charming LG WebOS TV application once should be an expert. LG WebOS applications are –

    • Optimized for larger screens
    • Designed for a lean-back, relaxed experience just the opposite to other similar looking applications

    These are available on the LG Content Store, and application store specifically developed for LG smart TV applications.

    What is Beanviser? Do your developers work with it?

    Beanviser is a graphical tool developed to measure the performance of the applications/services running on the actual LG WebOS TV. Beanviser is one of the most important tools when it comes to the LG Webos app. Our developers are expert with it. They use it for evaluation of the application before publishing the application on the store. And later on to keep a check on system processes, memory usage, real-time analysis etc.

      Is it beneficial to get WebOS application developed?

      Owning a WebOS application is no doubt profitable. As it is an open-source multitasking OS. And besides, it is a smart TV OS that too of LG which is in great depend for almost all the electronic appliances.

        What steps your developers follow to deliver amazing LG WebOS applications?

        • Thorough research
        • Taking recommendations
        • Customizing the content as per the need
        • Considering the quality media content (if any required)
        • Amazing UI/UX designs
        • Managing application state changes
        • Carefully launching the application
        • Quality assurance
        • Future assistance

        How to Enable developer mode on LG WebOS TV?

        In order to enable developer mode on LG WebOS TV, you need to create an account and install the developer mode from the LG Content Store. Follow the link that describes the detailed guide to install the developer mode. http://webostv.developer.lge.com/develop/app-test

        If you are connected with the same network, you can also perform remote deployment from the webOS TV IDE. First you have to create a developer account and in order to do so, follow the link : https://webostv.developer.lge.com/login

        Follow the steps to install the Developer mode app from the LG Content Store.

        • Press the Home button on your remote.
        • Go to the LG Content Store.
        • Now, search for the ‘Developer mode‘ app on the LG Content Store.
        • Next, Install the ‘Developer mode’ app.

        After successfully installing the developer app, you can use your LG account in order to login and from the Developer mode app, enable the Developer mode and find the passphrase.