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Android TV apps form the primary choice for most companies looking forward to building their TV apps. This is due to the fact that Android TV apps are developed using the Android framework or Android Studio, which are versatile and comprehensive frameworks that allow developers to create apps with nearly unlimited customisations and functionality boosts. It is possible to have high-end graphics animations and special features in apps built on the Android framework.

At 4 Way Technologies, we have experienced android tv app developers working with multiple leading companies to create Android TV apps and have successfully submitted numerous android smart TV apps to PlayStore over the years.

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Why Choose Android TV App Development?

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The android platform powered by Google is a leading giant in the world of app development and smart technology. Google has been the first-ever company to introduce the idea of watching online content on TV through the launching of Chromecast (now called Google Cast) back in 2013.

Google has entered the Smart TV market with Android TV to reclaim its share in the industry. Several leading Smart TV manufacturers like Sony, Toshiba, Xiaomi, Panasonic, and Micromax have chosen Android TV as the platform to run their Smart TVs. Considering the collective market share of all these companies, the huge user base of Android TV can be easily guessed. It is practically a must to develop an Android TV App for your company and have it uploaded to PlayStore to make yourself accessible to this large number of users worldwide.

Android TV OS is based on the open-source Android software stack with regular exciting updates that help maintain user satisfaction for your app. Building your Android TV app also gives access to attractive features such as built-in Google Cast, Google Assistant, powered by a fortified Google AI technology, and watching local files through media players like Plex.

What can you expect from our Android TV App Developers?

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Android TV Application Design

We highly prioritize your requirements and choices and create prototypes or mockups of your app. We help analyze your target audience and model attractive UI/UX interfaces keeping in mind all factors such as device compatibility, user engagement and the viewing environment. Our dedicated design team creates cutting-edge and aesthetic UI/UX for your apps to maximize your user engagement.

Develop Android TV App

We make Android TV apps that are intuitive and responsive that support a wide range of features. This allows you to create an android TV app that is versatile and high-functioning. We use the Android framework or Android Studio android TV to build apps that are compatible across a large variety of devices. Our apps function flawlessly for most Smart TV app features like live streaming, VOD streaming, and gaming. You can also add a variety of other features such as mobile screen casting, document reading, or music player in your app. We also build highly specific analytics features for Android TV apps.

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Android TV Application Testing

The professional QA team at 4 Way Technologies conducts multiple sets of performance testing focusing on a wide range of parameters to provide an error-free, simplified, and engaging user experience. For customized streaming service integrations, we exclusively use proprietary Android APIs to make sure your Android TV app functions without any snags.

Maintaining Android TV App

We offer continuous maintenance services, to guarantee maximum uptime and minimum downtime for your Android TV apps. To keep your Android TV apps up and operating without major glitches, we provide real-time application maintenance services. Even after your Android TV app has been released onto PlayStore, we continue to offer any required support for its maintenance.

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Why hire us to build Android TV apps for you?

We offer end-to-end assistance in launching your Android TV app into the Android PlayStore. Our apps are expertly designed to effectively entice Smart TV users. Your Android TV app can be connected for real-time media management along with instant publishing. We at 4 Way Technologies are always equipped to handle any obstacle in the development process of your Android TV app. Our Android TV apps can be built to support a variety of controllers for gaming, and versatile TV configurations to deliver a seamless experience for your users. Any custom app development features with specifications provided by you are welcome at our company.

Our expertise lies in

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Android Smart TV Application Development

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API Integration across Android devices and Android smart TVs

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Android Application Designs

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Cross-Platform Migration

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Android Smart TV Game Development

All of our projects are developed using an efficient agile methodology, which gives you a lot of control over how your Android TV app is created. We also make sure that time and resources are managed effectively, which enables us to complete jobs on time and at a reasonable cost.

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Do you also have these queries?

What are Android TV applications? Is it simply android smartphone applications on TV?

Android TV applications are applications available on TV with android OS. From NetFlix, HBO Now to browsers to multimedia players to gaming applications to News and live TV streaming applications and many more. Maybe you come across many similar applications on your android smartphone’s “Google Play Store” and android TV’s “Google Play Store” but there always be differences in how the application appear and operate on big-screen. That’s why it’s all very necessary to hire the right team of developers.

    What is Android TV, anyway?

    Android TV is a modern avatar of the Android operating system designed for digital media players, set-top boxes, soundbars and TVs developed by Google. It is integrated with many recent Google technologies such as Assistant, Cast, and Knowledge Graph.

      Is it possible to access android TV applications on any smart TV?

      Yes, one can access android TV applications on any smart TV with the help of digital media players, set-top boxes, soundbars. And there are many TV manufacturing companies which in collaboration with Google provides android integrated TVs like Sharp, Sony, and TP Vision, TCL Corporation.

        What is the difference between Google TV and Android TV?

        Google TV was a smart TV platform from Google co-developed by Intel, Sony, and Logitech that was launched in October 2010 with official devices initially made by Sony and Logitech. Google TV integrated the Android operating system and the Google Chrome web browser to create an interactive television. Android TV replaced Google TV when it was announced at Google I/O 2014. Google TV was all about search and integrating your TV into the web. Android TV is about transforming your TV into a “smart TV”, adding useful apps, games and many more.

          What are the basic steps your Android TV application developers follow while developing the TV app?

          • Work with new layouts that are easily understood from 10 feet/3 meters away.
          • Provide navigation that works from just a directional pad and a select button.
          • Uses Leanback support library, that allows standard search interface which is easy to use and understand by the viewers.
          • Develop amazing UI which instantly appeal to the viewers.
          • A keen observer of the development environment, basic requirements for layouts, navigation and content.
          • Keep a constant check on the quality of the application

          How do I make an app for my smart TV?

          • Decide the OS/platform you want your application to be developed on
          • Register yourself as a developer for that particular smart TV OS
          • Draft your application
          • Structure the content of your application
          • Design the application
          • Develop through various available templates, frameworks
          • Optimize and set required images in your app
          • Monetize videos before uploading them
          • Test the application
          • Verify and validate your app
          • Publish your application on the smart TV store

          Do Android apps work on Android TV?

          Most of the android applications work on Android TVs. If some of the applications don’t work there are ways to import them to Android TV.

            Which is better Smart TV or Android TV?

            Android TV is a type of smart TV only. Android TV is a smart TV with built-in Android OS and whereas smart TVs can have Tizen (Samsung smart TV OS) or tvOS (Apple smart TV) or Roku OS (Roku smart TV OS). People prefer Android TV more because as Android is an open-source OS developing applications on it is comparatively less-expensive and importing android smartphone applications to android TV is also easy.