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4 Way Technologies is the oldest and established Samsung TV app development company. We have developed samsung applications for Samsung Native, Tizen and Android operating systems. These days Samsung is currently focussing on developing only for the Tizen operating system. Our Samsung tv app developer has done programming on application as well as on Tizen operating system. Having so much in depth knowledge around the Tizen operating system makes 4 Way an ideal company for custom samsung TV app development.

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Why Tizen tv app development?


Samsung TVs are currently using Tizen OS and have the largest market share in the US and global market.

Unlike Android and Apple stores, the Samsung seller store is free and does not have any renewal or monthly charges. Samsung TV apps have an edge over the quantity of apps present in their stores. All leading entertainment companies, OTT platforms have a Smasung application. For most of the companies Smasung is the first platform they choose to provide 10 feet experience to their viewers.

One of the main advantages of Samsung TV app development is the flexibility offered by the Tizen operating system. Tizen supports HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, thus can be used in a large number of ways. Tizen-based applications also possess lean programming based on HTML5 and impressive speed.

Why we are successful Samsung TV app development company?

Developing apps for Samsung SMART TV is not that easy, but there are enormous opportunities for businesses, production companies, and brands to make a stable impact on the market. The overall development and testing process can be described as clunky, but we ensure the delivery of most effective SMART TV apps. Get Our Services


Tizen App Planning and Design

Planning is the first crucial phase of a Samsung TV application development project. It is important to know whether the app will have all ENglish content or it will be multilingual. As the structure of the app will change for later. Also the ease of navigation and use of color schemes for different target audiences. It is also important to know whether app will be free-premium or premium apps so that architect of the application can also be planned.


Samsung Tizen App Development

Tizen provides IDK to develop TV applications to create apps for Samsung SMART TV which can run on windows, mac on Ubuntu operating systems. Our Tizen developers are Front-end JavaScript developers who develop apps taking consideration of common, account and Video checklists provided by the Samsung team . As Samsung TV developers, we are creating an immersive dialogue between the broadcaster and the viewer.


Samsung TV Testing

Testing of samsung applications is very very difficult and in fact is the most critical part to launch your application faster. The reason is Samsung Team, who has to check your application before going live have to do that on several platforms and they themselves are the bottleneck here.Currently, Samsung has over 200 models specification of TVs. Testing on so many devices is not possible for any development company. However, 4 Way has strategically sourced different models OS version TV for managing this issue effectively.


Samsung App Maintenance

As a part of our app maintenance package, we ensure 100% uptime and periodic changes to the app code base to remain consistent across old and new platforms launched by Samsung.

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Our Samsung TV App Developer Expertise

We have been developing and exploring Tizen OS for a very long time and have worked with several industries to develop different -different applications using several technologies like JS, React, Next, HTML CSS, Python and Golang. We understand the tizen TV stringent approval process and assist our client to get the app approved by Samsung Team. Our technical expertise is not limited to Samsung as we develop applications on all leading TV platforms including apple tv app development.

Samsung smart TVs are changing the face of entertainment with the new form factor of combining television and the internet. The Samsung Smart TVs are aimed at watching videos & films, listening to audio, playing games, social media & messenger, reading books & magazines, and altogether different stuff from traditional TVs.

We are leading in –


Samsung SMART TV Application Development


SMART TV Website Development


Game Development for Samsung Smart TV


Samsung Market Compliance & Acceptance Readjustment


Multi-Screen Apps & Video Sitemap Development


Tizen TV Applications for Various Third-Party TVs

Our seasoned professionals have already implemented dozens of Smart TV Apps. Samsung is increasingly exploring dual-screen SMART TV, 360-degree videos, and smart home extensions. We can provide a user experience that differs completely from that of other familiar devices


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