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We perform the same steps precisely with our test automation services.

Our test automation services are platform-independent, IP-driven, and top-notch testing solutions, which are proficient in validating and automating various critical business processes in a number of industries and sectors. Our test automation service providing team also works with enormous open source and commercial testing tools in order to help you overcome several challenges while migrating from legacy to advanced automation scripts and inability to opt for the perfect automation tools suitable for your business.

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Our Test Automation Services


A software development product always has defects. Despite the best of efforts from the manual testing team, the defects reappear. Our services on test automation intend to oust the sluggish and time-consuming approach of manual testing.

Our test automation service is the best way to increase high coverage performance, efficiency and effectiveness of our software services. It forms the backbone of agile testing development cycle. Our expert testing team uses automated testing frameworks and tools such as Selenium, Appium, Protractor, Karma Mocha and many more – for the purpose of execution of automated test scripts or tests.

Our automation testing services can playback pre-recorded and pre-defined actions. They compare the results with a set of expected behavior and then have the ability to report the successfulness of the test with respect to testing team. So, the tasks which were impossible to be performed by ordinary manual testing can be performed by an automated testing services.

What is Our Approach?

We follow a developer-centric approach for our test automation services.


Test Job Development

Our testers develop automated jobs for every project or create complex multi-step workflow of jobs for integrated applications.


Automation Environment

Our expert testers use automation testing tools to target specific automation environments.


User Action Testing

The user action tests are predefined by our testing team and the automated test jobs takes care of maintaining the standards on user action – throughout the application.


Test Data Analysis

The gathered test results get analyzed by our expert team of testers - to detect the remaining bugs in the application.

Features of Our Test Automation Services


Create job testing workflow with utmost expertise.


Reduce the test cases to make the service work successfullly.


Create job testing workflow with utmost expertise.


Reduce the test cases to make the service work successfullly.


Reusable test scripts.


API development and testing.


Test data management.

Advantages of Our Automation Testing Services

Following are the advantages of Automation Testing Services at 4Way Technologies:


We adhere to the best practices of mobile testing.


Our test Process Consulting is strategically designed.


Our Test Process Consulting services increase accuracy and precision.


We use reusable test scripts.


We aim to minimize manual intervention.


Our services replicate testing across various platforms.


We adhere to stringent quality norms – with complex test cases.

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