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The global market of OTT platforms has been ever-increasing and is projected to reach 217 USD by the year 2023. This monumental popularity is because users find OTT platforms much more accessible and flexible for viewing content while it is simultaneously easier for Media and Entertainment companies to present their content to the viewers by having their own OTT apps. We at 4 Way Technologies provide efficient and intuitive OTT platform development and maintenance solutions through our expert OTT developer team.

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Why should you opt for OTT Development for your M&E Business?


The rapid assimilation of OTT platforms into popular culture could be considered inevitable due to its perfect adaptation to modern fast lifestyles. Accessing OTT platform contents merely requires a stable internet connection and a smart device, which are abundantly available to the public. Users choose OTT platforms over cable television as they can watch their preferred content on the go at their preferred time. This factor has also contributed to the increasing use of OTT platforms from TVs, resulting in more than 80% of households in the US with TVs having at least one Smart TV device. This has pushed most M&E businesses to opt for OTT app development to reach a greater user base.

What OTT Platform Development Services do we provide?

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Seamless Linear Channel Design

Our dedicated design team helps you build captivating UI/UX for your OTT apps which ensures enhanced viewer engagement. Our design functions smoothly on a large-scale across unlimited simultaneous devices as well as different channels without any glitches. We also assist in developing utility features like subtitling, notifications, and payment gateways that greatly enhance user experience. Our intuitive ad engine designs allow you a stronghold over t-commerce.

strong backend

Strong Back-End Development with Flexible CMS

Our strong back-end development allows creating extensive VOD libraries, robust search engines and personalised recommendation engines that work seamlessly. Our Live-to-VOD conversion enables enhanced content access for your users. We strive to develop highly flexible content and metadata management systems which supports the hassle-free implementation of user management, content scheduling, and access control on the editorial's behalf.

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Strategic CDN Infrastructure

At 4 Way Technologies, we are continually working on understanding the evolving ecosystem of OTT platforms, Cloud networks and user devices to build a strategic CDN infrastructure to support your OTT apps based on your unique business requirements. We assist in the integration of your OTT platform to all major CDNs like Amazon CloudFront, LimeLight, Akamai, and Level 3. Our OTT app developers expertly incorporate leading streaming standards such as RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH and many more.

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Customised Digital Rights Management

We create strategies to protect your digital content in ways that suits your business the best, taking complete care of complying with right-holders agreements. To enable you to achieve your necessary DRM objectives, we also build you fully customised systems to cater to your unique needs. We are also proficient in integrating your OTT platform to top global DRM providers such as WideVine, PlayReady, and Fairplay.

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Elevated Testing and Maintenance

We ensure extensive testing by using automated testing tools which allow us to perform parallel testing across a large multitude of devices and provide you with an error-free, high-functioning end product. We follow standardized protocols in our monitoring tools making our QA automation efficient and free of testing debts.

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Dedicated OTT Developer Support

We provide regular maintenance and support for your OTT apps post-development. We maintain a smooth process of regularized detection and fixing of bugs, adding upgrades and developments to your platform to keep its functionality robust and efficient across all user devices.

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What OTT App Builder Components can you avail from us?


Flawlessly responsive on all devices such as mobile, web browser, and Smart TVs.


Content Download and Offline Viewing functions


Secure Payment Gateways and In-App Purchase tools


Efficient Recommendation Engine


Fully Customisable Ad-Engines and Video Monetization for enhanced T-Commerce


Trailblazing Video Analytic Tools


Effective adaptation of ads into video content


Targeted DRM


Detection of content anomaly, illegal or explicit content

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Why choose us for OTT Software Development?

why choose us
expert ott

Expert OTT Developer Team

Our team of experienced OTT developers are motivated to cater to your unique needs to build you OTT apps with all the functionality tools necessary for your business and target audience.

intuitive design

Intuitive Design

We are leading in creating responsive UI/UX designs for your OTT apps that ensure ultimate viewer engagement. We are also highly attentive to your inputs and opinions regarding the design of your OTT platform.

efficient agile

Efficient Agile Project Management

We strictly follow an agile methodology for our projects to always keep you in the loop regarding the development of your product so that you can always stay actively involved. This is also highly time and resource-efficient, allowing us to deliver your project on time at a market competitive pricing.


Reliable Support and Maintenance

We have a fully automated QA system to detect bugs at the earliest to ensure efficient maintenance of your apps and make it nearly free of testing debts.