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4 Way Technologies is the leading front end development services providing company across the globe. We offer an impeccable UI-UX design in order to help your businesses outperform your competitors. Our highly skilled front end web developers are proficient in designing, optimizing, and implementing complex architectures on several front end technologies including client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML and advanced framework and libraries including ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, and TypeScript.

Hire front end developer at 4 Way Technologies in order to build an intuitive and impressive application on various devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

We build amazing, eye-catching, customized software that looks good on all the platforms.

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Why Choose Front End Development Services?

 Why Choose Front End Development

Successful business applications need to have high performing interface and we have mastered the art of Front end web development. The success of an application depends on strong user experience and we understand the power of an intuitive, user-friendly, and high performing user interface. We have created responsive websites that adapt to multiple platforms, different resolutions, and devices. Our front-end developers are experts and are well-versed with what really attracts the customers.

At 4 Way Technologies, our front end development services services will guarantee better usability and absolutely intuitive UI that will reflect the real-world business data. Our web development services make UI Design come alive and ensures that the users have the best visual experience. We have an exhaustive experience in implementing MVC frameworks for UI development and scaffolding architecture for UI.

AngularJS Development Company

Our AngularJS web development company provides services for all suitable web applications. Our proficient AngularJS developers utilize the advanced and modern resources, tools to provide complete AngularJS-based software solutions.

At 4 Way Technologies, we offer a wide range of Angular-based application development such as music apps, video streaming apps, e-commerce apps, social networking apps, and more. Our Angular services can fulfill all your business requirements.

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API Development

Build APIs with AngularJS for the already existing applications. We are experts in tackling the models on the client side at ease and focus on the design without any problem posed by DOM configuration.

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Scalable applications to the next level with AngularJS integration for a solid development process. Our front end web developers designs and develops complete front end apps using AngularJS framework.

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MVC Architecture Development

Develop robust multi-view-controller architecture for easy scaling. Our front end developers are skilled in JavaScript and jQuery. We monitor MVC performance and also help in integration of Third Party Tools.

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Single Page Applications

Create magnificent single page applications using AngularJS. We develop new apps and upgrade the existing ones as well. We transform your large-scale web applications into SPA quickly and easily.

Sencha Touch Development Company

Sencha Touch is a CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5-based cross-platform app development framework, which simplifies the task of Sencha Touch developers and helps them in designing impeccable user interfaces.

Our Sencha touch development company leverages the pre-tested and in-built Sencha components in order to design visually competitive and secure applications for your business. We also provide easy and quick HTML5 based mobile app development to run on iOS, Android, Tizen, etc., which feel and look like native apps.

Use Sencha Touch to build native-like apps with high performing UI/UX components.

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Sencha Frontend Development

Develop business solutions with Sencha front-end toolkit. We also help to build high-performing front-end for mobiles. We plan and create complex front-end applications.

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Custom Component Development

We are the masters of development of custom applications with fitting MVC architecture and theming techniques. We help to decrease the time to market, to improve performance.

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Web & Mobile App Development

Combine front end Sencha framework with cross-platform development technologies. Create selective cross-stage customized portable applications. Applications that will look good on both web and mobile.

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Cross-platform Mobile App

We develop flexible and scalable applications that are compatible across different platforms. Our apps are highly intuitive with excellent inbuilt UX/UI components. We develop applications with amazing front-end.

Bootstrap Development Services

Bootstrap is an open source network used to create application tools and websites. It is also known for being the most famous CSS, HTML, and JavaScript library across the globe.

Here at 4 Way Technologies, we make use of the latest and modern technology in order to provide you with robust software solutions. Our high-quality Bootstrap development services help you in creating the most intuitive components for your target audience. We also support you by providing customized and responsive web design according to the requirements and needs of your business.

Create Responsive and Sleek business websites.

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Website and Web App Development

We are building responsive websites and applications that are in-line with the client requirements. Our experienced Bootstrap developers use modern methodologies for the development.

Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development

Develop web portals with amazing UI, themes, and designs within no time. We are master in enterprise-grade web portal development with custom themes.

Enhanced Deployment

Enhanced Deployment

Build applications or websites with efficient deployment services. We help crafting of visually impactful websites that never fail to server the purpose.

Ember.JS Development Services

Ember.js is an open-source platform, which is based on JavaScript and uses MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) in order to enable the single-page applications development. Here at 4 Way Technologies, we build simple and highly efficient Ember.js applications with impeccable functionalities to offer you an outstanding user experience. Being the best Ember.js development services provider, we have a professional Ember.js developers team, who are highly experienced in designing Ember.js-based applications.

We provide comprehensive Ember.Js solutions, which can meet the unique requirements of your business. We have created a number of robust applications that are well known for building responsive, cost-effective, and interactive solutions.

Create robust applications with model-view-controller architecture.

 Ember.JS Development

Web Application Development

Our innovative development services will enable single page or large application workflows spanning multiple pages.

Web Application Development

Our innovative development services will enable single page or large application workflows spanning multiple pages.

Web Application Development

Our innovative development services will enable single page or large application workflows spanning multiple pages.

Hire Knockout JS Developer

4 Way Technologies is the leading Knockout.js development company and has been creating enormous mobile and web apps throughout several years for the customers across the globe. Our Knockout.js experts are proficient in building dynamic web pages.

We also help our customers in developing top-notch web and mobile solutions in order to work seamlessly across all the devices. Our mobile and web Knockout.js development include user-friendly design, hassle-free data updating and management, and high functionality.

Create simple apps with the effective JavaScript toolkit.

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Knockout JS App Development

Our experienced knockout js developers provide complete app solutions with in-built MVVM JavaScript library.

Migration and Upgrades

Migration and Upgrades

We assist the migration of business applications to Knockout.js framework. We update the legacy web apps for compatible web apps.

Custom Framework Development

Custom Framework Development

Our expert services ensure customized JavaScript framework for enterprises using Knockout.js.

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Do you also have these queries?

What are front end development services?

Front end development is a combination of development, trends, graphics, technology, creativity, design, and usability, which is responsible for all the things that are visible to the users.

    What is included in front end development?

    Front end development is also known as client-side development, which is the practice of generating HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for a web app or website in such a way that the users can directly see and interact with them.

      How much does it cost to hire a front end developer?

      Hire front end developers at 4 Way Technologies from $12 – $14 per hour depending upon the needs and requirements of your business. Our developers are highly skilled, experienced, and have great knowledge of using several front end frameworks like Angular, jQuery, and more.

        What are the frameworks for front end development?

        Front end frameworks are the instigate blocks of the software development process. Out of so many front end frameworks to choose, we, at 4 Way Technologies, help you in developing intuitive apps using some of the top frameworks including Angular, React, jQuery, Emberjs, and more.

          Why have you chosen front-end development?

          Front-end app development is one of the growing and engaging careers because it always evolves new technology and keeps on changing constantly. Therefore, it always offers you the opportunity to learn new skills, interact with latest tools by keeping you involved in your career.

            What does a front end developer do?

            Front-end is that part of a website or an application that end-users access or see while interacting with the website or using applications including images, buttons, colours, animations, forms etc. The front end developer is a programmer who does the coding of the front end of a website or application and ensures that visibility of the site remains unaffected on different web browsers or irrespective of the platform. They are usually supported by back-end developers, who are responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the work front-end developers do.

              What is the back end and the front end development?

              Back end development refers to the server-side of an application and everything that communicates between the database and the browser. Back end development refers to the server-side of development where you are primarily focused on how the site works irrespective of how it looks.n All the focus is on working not on the looks. Front end development is the practice of converting data to a graphical interface through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript more representable and easy form so that even non-technical users can view and interact with that data present and used.

              Front end development is the practice of converting data to a graphical interface through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript more representable and easy form so that even non-technical users can view and interact with that data present and used.

                What technical skills do your front end developers possess?

                The crucial skill our front-end developers use are as follow –

                • HTML
                • CSS
                • JavaScript
                • JQuery

                Some of the additional skills that we use to enhance our client’s business are–

                • Understanding of cross-browser testing
                • Content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
                • Knowledge of SEO and tools like Flash and Dreamweaver
                • Knowledge of PHP and OOP’s ( object-oriented programming)

                Are your designs accessible and user-friendly?

                Our front-end developers work alongside UX(User Experience) designers to imagine and conceptualize a web page that cultivates a user-centric experience, testing the website with users to ensure optimal design and assuring the web page is optimized for mobile phone viewing as well. Our front end development team has a strong grasp on usability and accessibility when they design end-user experience. Wen test the web applications on various browsers and devices to check whether the experience is accessible through all devices.

                  Which workflow your team follows?

                  Nowadays, a huge array of tools are available to build organized, scalable web applications by abstracting out many of the complexities and automating repetitive tasks. Our front end developers use different workflows as per the client’s needs and customization they prefer. Some of the tools are –

                  • Packages –NPM, Yarn
                  • Task Runner – Grunt, Gulp
                  • Front end Build Tools – Webpack, TypeScript
                  • JavaScript Frameworks – AngularJS, Ember.js