Cloud Migration Services

Unbind the power of Cloud with 4 Way Technologies’ Cloud Migration Services that will help you in digital transformation. Migrate your legacy systems to the Cloud through the right roadmap, ecosystem, strategy, and workflow collaborations using our impeccable Cloud application migration services. Our services will help you in reducing the expenditures and requirements of physical resources for your business, thus, increasing the productivity.

Our experienced team works with you in order to determine the best approach suitable for your organization – public, private or hybrid. Our cloud migration consulting services focus mainly on client-centric approach, data analytics applications, and pre-set templates for a smooth, systematic, and effective migration process by keeping the positive impact of your business in mind.

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Why Choose 4 Way Technologies for Cloud Migration?


Cloud computing helps the quick identification of IT drivers for cloud strategies alongside the selection of right cloud platform. Our cloud migration services experts will assist you plan, build and manage a cloud migration infrastructure using innovative cloud technologies. Discover process-led functional solutions delivered via SaaS model.

4 Way Technologies is helping startups and large enterprises become intuitively digital by deriving new insights and unlocking opportunities. Our business cloud migration consulting prove to be the game-changer, providing operational efficiencies to run the business better.

AWS Migration and Managed Services

Amazon Web Services includes deploying, monitoring, running, and maintaining applications in the cloud. As it is an easy task for any company to use the applications on Cloud whenever they want. We at 4 Way Technologies, work with our customers in order to analyze the suitability and support them in choosing the right packages for the growth of their business. With our top-notch AWS managed services, we are in the top position to migrate your infrastructure to the Cloud, and take your business to the next level.

Develop scalable and extendable solutions for your business.


Amazon Transformation Services

We leverage the cloud transformation framework to help clients migrate their business applications and workload to a cloud environment. Our service provider enables an agile, secure, hassle-free transformation with minimal intrusion and maximum automation. We provide best-in-class agile cloud strategy for Amazon Transformation Services.

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AWS Cloud Migration

Organizations often finds it tough and intimidating to move to AWS. Our expert service providers will use the proven methods to reduce interruptions and risks while making crucial progress in the cloud application migration services. We help enterprises to move any workload to AWS be it applications, website, database storage, physical or virtual server or even entire data center.


AWS Cloud Consultation & Operation

We define the right cloud migration strategies that include assessment, cloud selection, security, and operation models. Our operational service will integrate the full stack of workloads, running on hybrid cloud environments.

Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure Managed Services provided by 4 Way Technologies allows you to comprehensively optimize, manage, and monitor the Azure-based software solutions from your virtual machines, databases, systems, media, and mobile services.

Cloud computing solutions adapting to the changing business needs.

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Azure Consulting

Our designers and architects provide infrastructure alongside consultation for the movement of existing applications and platforms to a scalable centric framework.


Windows Azure Design & Development

We design and deploy a variety of services depending on the business requirements. Enterprises can develop scalable mobile and web apps using our expert services.


Testing & Compatibility

The scalable mobile & web apps developed by 4 Way Technologies will ensure the working of applications on different platforms and devices flawlessly.

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps methodology is created in order to align operation teams and development to deliver top-notch software solutions quickly. Our DevOps consulting services offer comprehensive support in order to help you achieve the increased reliability and frequency of software releases. DevOps experts at 4 Way Technologies help unify operations, development, and end user feedback for enabling operation and development teams to prioritise the requirements, reduce rework efforts, and release faster with efficiency.

Applying lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle.


DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

We help to assess the current state of DevOps culture, process, and tool-chain. Identify the traceable metrics and visualize the desired state. And according to the assessment and the loopholes we plan our strategy to work towards improvement areas and gaps in capabilities of the existing team.


DevOps Pilot Framework & Tool Stack Construction

Implement the standard DevOps setup by creating a pilot framework. We leverage the existing tools and integrate them with a strong ecosystem, best open-source and licensed tools to build a robust tool stack.


DevOps End-to-End Implementation

We help the analysis, design, construction, and implementation of the business needs. Our assistance will help the management and enhancement of business applications. We work hard and as per the organization requirements for DevOps implementation.

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Google Cloud Consulting

4 Way Technologies is the leading Google Cloud Consulting company with the primary objective of delivering tailor-made solutions as per the exact requirements and needs of your business. You will be able to develop robust, scalable, and highly efficient applications on Google Cloud with our implementation and consulting services in a faster and better way.

Our programmers and developers help the designing of the best websites.

Google Cloud Consultation

We provide the best consultation for the development of apps using the Google App Engine. Our consulting team will undergo all the steps and process required to provide the right type of consultation for business app construction.

Google Cloud Development

We develop high-rated apps that will fulfill your business requirements. We will design applications using the best app engine development procedure.

Google Cloud Migration

Migrate to Google app engine with quick updates for the mobile and web applications.

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Do you also have these queries?

What are cloud migration services?

Cloud migration services are the services provided by the IT companies to organisations to move their applications and servers to cloud-based storage. It is the services provided for the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. Unlike shared hosting, other users on the same physical server (if this is the case) don’t directly impact your server and application performance.

    How do I migrate to the cloud?

    To migrate to the cloud one need to follow a few steps –

    • Search, discover and determine the cloud strategy
    • Evaluate applications, choose the suitable one for migration
    • Innovatively plan your data migration strategy
    • Choose the right Cloud Provider
    • Execution

    What is AWS Migration Service?

    AWS Migration Service is an agentless service which makes it easier and faster for an organization to migrate thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS. It is all about migrating the data/application to the Amazon Web Services platform.

      Why is cloud migration important?

      Cloud environments are scalable, reliable, secure and highly available, which makes it more popular. Cloud Migration is important because it provides faster deployment over the traditional methodology and most importantly it increases traffic and provides scale resources to meet increased demands.

        Is it a smart move to opt for Cloud Migration Services?

        Yes, of course opting for cloud migration services is a smart move as cloud environments are scalable, reliable, secure, highly available. The cloud is a must for computing for all types of organizations, large or small. It provides better security, efficient data handling and a number of other benefits. Unlike shared hosting, other users on the same physical server (if this is the case) don’t directly impact your server and application performance.

          How to estimate the cost of cloud migration?

          The average manual hours and effort needed to perform the process of migration successfully costs between $1,000 per server – $3,000 per server and can even go up to $15,000 depending upon the complexity of the cases.

            How does cloud migration work?

            The process of Cloud migration takes place in three major steps. The first step is Strategy where you analyse the business values and define the objectives of the company. The second step is Discovery and Assessment where you define what to move, where and when to move it. The final step is migrating where the heavy lifting of resources occurs and this step is responsible for actually migrating things to the Cloud.

              What are the benefits of cloud migration?

              There are several benefits of Cloud migrations such as:

              • Increased flexibility and agility.
              • Ability to innovate at a fast pace.
              • Better management of increased customer expectations.
              • Deliver quick business results.