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Video solutions form some of the most widespread app development services that are required by numerous companies across most major industries. Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, or a non-profit organisation, you are more often than not likely to need video app development services. If you run a business in the Media and Entertainment industry, you might consider developing your own OTT platform to attract an enhanced user base. Video applications are highly useful in retail and commerce to engage target audiences. Real-time communication apps for Audio and Video calls, conferences, and event broadcasting might also be something your business needs to achieve its goals.

At 4 Way Technologies, we aim to meet all of your requirements for video applications. We provide you with a professional team of skilled developers who can assist you in creating OTT applications, Smart TV and streaming applications, and RTC applications that emphasize the values of your company or organization and enable you to contact your target audience. Keeping in mind your personal preferences and user base, our video application solutions can help you create the ideal applications to meet all of your requirements.

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Expansive Omni Channel Experience

We offer video application development services compatible across all web-connected devices which allows you to offer your users an expansive omnichannel experience.








Media Streaming Devices

Our Video App Development Services


OTT Platform Development

The professional OTT developer team at 4 Way Technologies offers effective and simple OTT platform development and maintenance solutions for you. Our services include OTT app development solutions from back-end development to post-live solutions. We build OTT applications with seamless front-end features supported by powerful back-end development. Our automated QA ensures efficient bug fixing and minimal testing debts. We help you design user interactive, smooth functioning OTT apps for maximised viewer satisfaction.


Smart TV and Streaming Device App Development

We provide complete support for launching your Smart TV apps on Apple, Android, Samsung, LG, and Amazon Smart TVs or streaming device apps for Roku or Amazon FireStick. We are renowned for consistently captivating Smart TV and streaming device viewers with the sleek, intuitive and engaging design of our apps. You may connect your Smart TV app to control media in real-time and post content right away through our Smart TV and streaming device apps. For a smooth user experience, our Smart TV and streaming device apps can be developed to accommodate a variety of game controllers and flexible TV setups. Any specified personalised app development features that you request are ardently worked on by the developers at 4 Way Technologies


WebRTC App Development

We provide end-to-end assistance in building WebRTC apps for you that are fully customised based on the requirements and goals of your business. Our WebRTC apps are secure and highly adaptable to different network conditions, which allows them to perform seamlessly with great audio and video quality. We build WebRTC apps for mobiles as well as web browsers. We follow simple, user-friendly designs to maximise the utility of your WebRTC apps.

Why Consider Us for Video App Development ?

We are dedicated to building scalable and robust video applications perfectly suited for your specific needs

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Expert Developers

Our team of expert developers are proficient in building highly scalable video applications based on your unique requirements. We are leading in offering you a vast range of customisations in terms of video application functionalities to perfectly cater to your target user base.

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Engaging Designs

We have a dedicated team of designers who prioritise your unique ideas that you want to be expressed through the platform of your company, and then combine them with their expertise in viewer engagement to create state-of-the-art UX/UX designs for your video applications that helps you attract more users.

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Agile Methodology

We are firm believers in meeting all deadlines for all projects. We use agile methodology to make sure you are directly involved in the design and development process and that it will be delivered on time. Our agile methodology also enables us to provide you with video services at market-competitive pricing as it is strongly based on the efficient use of time and resources.

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Support and Maintenance

We provide continuous, rigorous support and maintenance services even after the delivery of your projects. Our automated testing facilities help detect bugs early and fix them to ensure that your apps function seamlessly across all user devices. We also introduce regular upgrades to maintain the quality of your video applications.

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