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Akka is an open-source and free toolkit that Akka developers use to create highly concurrent, distributed, powerful reactive, and message-driven applications for Scala and Java in Akka development.

Rust Programming Language is used to build performant and reliable software with ease. Additionally, Rust development is concurrent, memory safe, and allows a Rust developer to build secure and fast software with Rust.

Apache Kafka is a stream-processing software development platform. Also, Kafka development is open-source and provides a low-latency, and unified platform to the Kafka developers to handle the real-time data feeds efficiently.

Why Hire Application Developers @ 4 Way Technologies?

4 Way Technologies is passionate about making disruptive internet products a living reality. To this end, we stop at nothing to bring inspired and transformational products and services to you, and your market, each day and every day.

Whether you are a small, medium or large-sized business, if your systems are still relying on primitive programming languages, it is time for a makeover!

4 Way Technologies breezily manages the shift from legacy systems to revolutionary new-age systems for you. Our trusted programmers and a team of application developers include Scala developers, SPARK developers, Akka developers, Rust developers, and Kafka developers. These developers are pros at developing tailor-made software products that will perfectly fit your business model that make a dream true and catapults you into the league of the big guns.

Since each business thrives best in its own development environment, our web app designing and development team focuses on understanding your specific needs and runs thorough research on your goals to come up with a Scala IDE best suited for the project and your business.

You may need an end-to-end web development solution or you may need a fix for a specific hiccup in the existing framework. Enter, our invariably dependable Scala, SPARK, Akka, Rust, and Kafka Solution and Support Team to guide you through the rough waters, as we have the most highly experienced team of a wider range of web app developers.


Developing Modern Applications Using Scala Programming Language

Scala is a high-level and concise programming language. Apart from providing rich syntax, Scala is a great combination of functional and object-oriented programming language concepts. Also, Scala is a statically typed language. Thus, Scala is better optimized and runs faster.

4 Way Technologies possesses several years of experience in Scala web development services. Our Scala developers provide you an efficient platform to build competitive products.

Scala development includes impeccable support for reactive architecture and functional programming language. We have created enormous products using the Scala programming language and its frameworks like SPARK, Kafka, and more.

We Can Help You in Scala Services With;

Scala consultation

Scala Consultation

Our efficient and expert Scala developers understand the requirements of your project before guiding you with the implementation process in Scala web development services.

Scala mobile app development

Scala Mobile App Development

Scala is considered one of the most preferred programming languages for Scala mobile development. Additionally, Scala leverages the advantages over various other JVM languages like Groovy or JRuby.

Highly Efficient

Highly Efficient Systems

4 Way Technologies create impeccable systems that deliver high performance by utilizing several cores on a single machine. Our expert Scala developers also support you in scaling data processing pipelines and modern software.

Paas Scala

PaaS Scala Web Development Services

Our Scala developers also help you in delivering your own cloud-based Scala development by providing you with the right decisions at each step in Scala web development services.

Distributed and backend Systems

Distributed & Backend Systems

Scala works in distributed & backend systems. Data processing systems such as SPARK and Kafka, concurrency libraries such as ZIO and Monix, and Akka frameworks blend with Scala in an efficient way to deliver performant and scalable applications.

SPARK: A Large-Scale Data Processing & Analytics Engine

Apache SPARK is an analytics engine that you can use for processing large-scale data to enhance your business. SPARK provides a quicker way to build applications in Scala, SQL, Python, and more as compared to several other platforms. Also, SPARK has a great open-source community.

Though Apache SPARK possesses great advantages, many organizations are still unable to tap into the power of SPARK. This is mainly due to analyzing complex pipelines and large streams of data that result in high consumption of resources and long SPARK development cycles.

4 Way Technologies supports you in identifying the primitive issues and providing better solutions – impeccable pipeline designs, refined architecture, and a perfect toolset.

Apache Spark logo

We can support you in SPARK with:

creating fast data application

Creating Fast Data Applications

Our expert SPARK developers support you in creating Fast Data applications quickly, which are a combination of your data at motion and data at rest. These applications allow you to analyze and make decisions for the organization on a real-time basis for an intuitive customer experience.

designing data pipelines

Designing Data Pipelines

The SPARK developers @ 4 Way Technologies are proficient in developing, architecting, and designing robust Data Pipelines for streaming data processing.

moving on-premise infrastructure to cloud

Moving On-premise Infrastructure To Cloud

We can help you with all the needs of your infrastructure and save you money by efficiently utilizing the resources. Our SPARK developers know the perfect way to move your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud and ensure no loss of data.

analyzing data

Analyzing Data

Our SPARK developers can help you with analyzing your data using SPARK SQL to provide you with accurate results. We are experienced in optimizing and tuning the queries for better and quick results.

building ML models

Building ML Models

Our experienced Data Scientists team can support you in building enormous ML models with the help of SPARK ML and several other SPARK-related frameworks that enhance the speed with top-quality algorithms.

Akka: An Open-Source Toolkit For Developing Robust Applications

Akka is an open-source toolkit for developing resilient message-driven, highly distributed, and concurrent applications for Scala and Java. Akka works on the principles of Reactive and simply delivers complex systems with dynamically scaled microservices to meet the workload requirements.

4 Way Technologies has vast experience in providing Akka-related services to develop Cloud-Native applications. Our Akka developers use one of the best available technologies to solve the queries of our clients by supporting reactive architecture and functional programming.

We develop performant, efficient, and scalable applications using Akka tools, which are embedded in the JVM ecosystem. Our Akka developers allow you to leverage our proficiency in Akka development.

We can help you in Akka development with:


Akka Serverless Development

Our expert Akka developers can help you to quickly build Cloud-Native applications with Akka serverless development using a number of programming languages. Akka serverless architecture is cost-effective as you only need to pay for what you use.


Data Pipelines

We also provide a framework to simplify complex streaming data pipelines with the help of Akka Data Pipelines for developing, managing and deploying the Akka architecture. We help you to focus on the primitive decisions of your business instead of the underlying framework.


Multiple Distributed Systems

We support you to build scaled-up systems with the help of Akka Streams and Actors, using efficient server resources and multiple servers.


Concurrent Systems Implementation

We also allow you to freely adapt the systems to meet the demands of your business. Our expert Akka developers build concurrent systems based on an event-driven architecture with the implementation of Akka Persistence.


Mentoring & Consultation

If you are looking for the consultation of functional programming, mentoring and code reviews for Akka, or explaining the event-driven architecture system - We are always here to support you.

Rust Programming Language: Develop Performant and Reliable Software With Ease

Rust is a general-purpose, high-level, and multi-paradigm language designed mainly for memory safety, performance, and safe concurrency. Rust takes ‘C’ and ‘C++’ to a pro-level. Rust development allows you to develop performant, fast, and secure applications.

We provide you a top-notch platform to build your applications using Rust network programming.

We can support you in Rust Programming Language with:


Creating Command-Line Applications

Our expert Rust developers support you to create easily testable and fast command-line applications with robust configuration in Rust development. You can easily maintain and distribute the Command-line applications


Network Programming Projects

Rust experts at 4 Way Technologies help you in utilizing the performance, security, low resource footprint, and reliability of Rust programming language for your network programming projects.


Blockchain Applications

Our Rust experts also help you to develop efficient blockchain applications in Rust using the features of Rust programming language such as safety orientation, supporting Functional Paradigm, and speed like ‘C++’.


WebAssembly Programming Language

We delegate JavaScript with WebAssembly and Rust for the implementation of reliable and fast code on the web. WebAssembly is an assembly-like language, which can run on several web browsers to deliver native-like performance.


Embedded Programming

Rust development ensures safe code compilation. Thus, we prefer Rust for embedded programming to ensure flawless concurrency and memory safety.

Apache Kafka: Open-Source, Stream-Processing Software Development Platform

Apache Kafka is an event-streaming, open-source software development platform that is capable of handling millions of events in a single day. It was designed by Linkedin in 2011. Kafka is mainly used for data integration, streaming analytics, developing highly efficient data pipelines, and critical applications.

Our Kafka developers are proficient and can help you with better web solutions by developing robust and competitive applications.


SKILL of our Scala, Spark, Akka, Rust & Kafka Developers

Once you recognise the magnitude of SPARK and Scala development benefits that 4 Way Technologies offers, you will never look back –

Multi skilled , all-rounder Scala & SPARK development team

Multi-skilled, all-rounder Scala & SPARK development team

Cost-efficient & affordable services

Cost-efficient & affordable services

Custom-made internet products

Custom-made internet products

Collaborative environment

Collaborative environment

On-time delivery of projects

On-time delivery of projects

proficiency in amazon web services

Proficiency in Amazon Web services

bug-free products

Bug-free products for seamless operations

Scalable & robust software solutions

Scalable & robust software solutions

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Do you also have these queries?

Is Scala good for web app development?

Yes! Scala is one of the most powerful programming languages that can be considered for web app development. It is a combination of object-oriented and functional programming concepts.

    Can you make web apps with Scala?

    Playframework: is one of the most popular web app developing frameworks that our Scala developer uses to build performant and reliable web apps.

      What is a Spark developer?

      A Spark developer knows all the Apache Spark skills to create a code for ensuring the availability of relevant data in the shortest time whenever a query is raised.

        What is Spark used for?

        Apache Spark is a distributed data processing engine that is used for designing applications. Apache Spark supports several programming languages, such as Java, Scala, R, and Python.

          What is the Akka framework?

          Akka is a unified toolkit, which is used to develop highly distributed, fault-tolerant, and concurrent applications on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

            What is Akka good for?

            Akka developers get a unified way to develop fault-tolerant and scalable software that can scale up on several cores of a single system in the Akka development.

              What is the Rust programming language used for?

              Rust is an open-source, high-level programming language that Rust developers use to develop software applications while focussing on parallelism and memory safety.

                Who developed Rust?

                Rust is a systems programming language designed by Mozilla for building highly efficient applications.

                  What is a Kafka developer?

                  A Kafka developer uses all the skull sets of Apache Kafka to develop performant software applications.

                    What is Kafka and why is it used?

                    Apache Kafka is a stream-processing software development platform, which is used to build efficient software applications by providing a framework for reading, analyzing, and storing the streaming data.