Best Web App Development Frameworks In 2022

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There are many web app development frameworks available in the market these days. It is a quite tricky and complex task to choose an appropriate web framework for a preferred web app development. The selection of a framework also depends on the scenarios. For example, if you are a developer and looking to leverage all your development skills in a web app development career, you might go with the most popular framework available, which fits your profile and requirements.

But, if you are an organization or enterprise. You should choose a framework, which fit with the goals and resources of your organization and will be maintained for a few upcoming years.

The basic criteria to choose a web development framework are as follows:

  • The framework must be well adapted and mainstream in the industry.
  • The web development framework must be highly stable and popular.
  • It should be in-demand as well.
  • The framework must not fall under the legacy category. For example, jQuery.
  • Also, You must avoid frameworks, which cannot be maintained in future such as AngularJS, ASP.NET, etc.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the best web app development frameworks to use in 2022 for both the developers like you and enterprise.


Web applications are becoming more important with each passing day as compared to earlier. With continuous increment in the advancement of web frameworks, the web development level for creating and deploying web apps is also increasing at a rapid rate.

Frameworks are responsible for allowing the developers or programmers to develop scalable, robust, intuitive, and interactive application software on both the backend and frontend. These web app frameworks are designed in order to support the application development like web services, web APIs, and web resources. Hence, these frameworks play a vital role in the entire web app development process by making it seamless and efficient.

Are you facing issues in choosing the correct framework that is suitable for your web app development?

Well! We are here to help you out.

This blog deals with some of the top web app development frameworks that are available currently, in a wide variety of languages.

So, before moving further, let us start with some basic knowledge of web app frameworks.

What Is A Web App Framework?

A web framework is responsible for supporting the entire creation, development process, and publishing of web sites and web applications efficiently. In simpler words, a web framework is a software that provides an accessible and standard way of building web applications. A web framework can be customizable as well and allows you to input a number of unique tools and features.

What Are The Popular Web Development Frameworks?

Frontend and Backend web frameworks are the most popular web app development frameworks available on today’s date.

Frontend Web Development Framework

Frontend refers to the application’s or web site’s area with which the users can directly interact. Earlier, the programmers were needed to write the code manually in order to make these behaviors and interactions usable. With frontend web frameworks, you, as a developer can reduce the complexity of the tasks with the help of a pre-written code.

Here are some of the top frontend web app development frameworks:

  • Angular JS
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Spring

Backend Web Development Framework

Backend web frameworks are termed as the server-sided frameworks, which are used for the backend development of web applications and web sites. Unlike other frameworks, these frameworks offer flawless tools in order to assist with the web tasks’ development like security, database interactions, user authorization, URL routing, and more such tasks.

Here are some of the top backend web development frameworks:

  • CakePHP
  • Node.js
  • Laravel
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Express

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the combination of new technologies and best practices for designing reliable, engaging, and accessible user experiences. PWAs are also responsible for providing a native-like user experience with the help of an opt-in installation flow, which is user-friendly.

In simpler words, PWA is a web application that uses manifests, service workers, and several other features of web-platform with the combination of progressive enhancement in order to provide the same user experience as of native apps. Progressive web apps are:

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Engaging
  • Responsive
  • Use single code base

Which Are The Best Web Frameworks To Use In 2022?

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Whether you are a beginner in web app development or a professional, you might face the challenges of choosing the right web app development framework because of a large number of frameworks availability. Here are our top picks that you may select in order to build robust and scalable web applications:

  • AngularJS
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Express.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Spring
  • Node.js

The below graph shows you the worldwide popularity stars from (0K – 200K) for every web app development framework.

Web Framework Popularity Image

Now, let us understand all of these web frameworks in detail for more clarity.

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1. AngularJS

Angular JS icon image

In our list of top web app development frameworks, AngularJSis at the first position with the most helpful and dynamic web app frontend framework. It is an open-source and widely adopted web framework developed by Google. It possesses a component and structural architecture in order to build perfect, robust, scalable, and enterprise-oriented web applications.

AngularJS allows you, as a developer, to create web apps with top-notch features such as MVC pattern, dependency injection, and directives. You can use these features mainly while building single-page web applications.

AngularJS is also responsible for utilizing Typescript and JavaScript along with other technologies such as Angular CLI in order to make the code packages and modules hassle free for the programmer.

2. React.js

Reactjs-Framework image

React.js is also one of the most popular web frameworks after AngularJS in the list of top web app development frameworks. Maintained and developed by Facebook, React is a JavaScript library for implementing the view layer of the web in a component-oriented way. React possesses a slogan “Learn Once, Write Anywhere”, which signifies that the developers can use this framework in order to build applications for various User Interfaces such as Web, desktop, mobile, SMART TV, etc.

React also plays a vital role in offering the perfect server-side rendering along with impeccable SEO support. It is a disruptive framework, which is responsible for making one-way data binding, immutable state, and declarative programming comprehensively popular.

3. Vue.js

Vuejs Framework image

This web app framework is another best choice for developing web apps after AngularJS and React.js. The person behind developing Vue.js is Evan You. This client-side framework is an Model-View-View-Model and based on JavaScript. It is a community-driven web app development framework, which is designed by combining the View Layer and Virtual DOM parts of AngularJS and React respectively.

Vue.js is also one of the best Progressive Web App (PWA) development JavaScript-based frameworks and offers top-notch documentation. It is also among some of the lightest web app development frameworks that exist at just 20KB.

Although it is very popular among many software engineers, Facebook and Google still do not support Vue.js currently. However, it is likely to change in the near future.

4. Laravel

Laravel Framework image

Laravel is a flawless Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework, which is responsible for utilizing the PHP programming language for developing robust, scalable, and interactive web applications. Taylor Otwell is the person behind releasing this developer-friendly and excellent framework in the year 2011.

It’s Laracasts tutorial library includes enormous resources, videos, and much more, which possess various Laravel-compatible frontend technologies. Additionally, Laravel also leverages the API support.

From hassle-free debugging to Hybrid app development environment, Laravel includes everything that you need for intuitive application development. For example, subscription billing, OAuth2 implementation, and everything else that you think your web app or website must have is created natively using Laravel web app framework.

5. Django

Django Framework image

Django is a top-notch Python-based web development framework. It was designed by Simon Willison and Adrian Holovaty in 2005. It is a backend web development framework, which follows a Model-Template-View (MTV) architectural pattern. In the past few years, the adoption for Python has been increasing at a rapid rate.

Because of several intuitive features that Django offers, it is currently one of the most widely adopted backend frameworks for developing scalable web apps and websites. Django is also known as the “Batteries Included” framework and provides Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM), Caching, Middleware, and Security for developing quicker and top-quality applications.

6. Flask

Flask Framework image

Flask is a micro-web framework based on the Python programming language, which was created by Armin Ronacher in 2010. This micro-framework does not require any libraries or particular tools. This server-side framework is also becoming popular with the increasing demand for Python.

The completely modular Flask is also responsible for supporting pluggable Extensions. This impeccable framework also uses Werkzeug for handling HTTP and Jinja2 as a template engine. Flask also features an extensible CLI that helps the programmer in accessing the application with ease.

7. Express.js

Express Framework image

Express.js is another MVC-based server-side web app development framework created by TJ Holowaychuk in 2010. This framework is also based on JavaScript and offers various minimalistic functionalities. Many programmers use this framework in order to build REST-based comprehensive server-side web apps along with pluggable View Layer.

Although Express.js is primarily used for server-side web app development, it is also responsible for supporting end-to-end app development along with following the MVC pattern. Additionally, it also supports more than 14 template engines. Express.js also features the support for middleware, templating, and routing. With more than ten years in the development sector, Express.js is highly mature, performant, and stable.

8. Ruby on Rails

Ruby On Rails image

Ruby on Rails is another faultless web app development framework, which is much easier to learn and possesses everything that a developer like you need to develop innovative and scalable applications. The person behind creating this server-side or backend web framework is David Heinemeier Hansson. This framework comprehensively supports Ruby programming language and MVC architectural pattern.

It is also a Batteries Included web development framework that includes all those features you need to build an application at a fast rate such as Database Migration, Caching, ORM, Security, and Middleware. Currently, Ruby on Rails is another very popular web framework that industries and enterprises are using extensively to build robust web apps, which are capable of outperforming their competitors.

9. Spring

Spring Framework image

Rod Johnson released a backend web app development framework in 2002 known as Spring framework. Since then, Spring has now become one of the primitive web app frameworks in the development of applications, which are based on Java. Also, Spring plays a vital role by supporting Reactive and Asynchronous programming.

Additionally, the innovative Spring web framework is also responsible for making Inversion of Control, Annotation, and Dependency Injection highly popular. It also supports Cloud Native development, several event-based app development, and Batch processing.

Many developers use Spring framework for the development of large scale web applications because this framework features a number of data sources, security, and everything that you need to create a robust, scalable, and intuitive web app.

10. Node.js

Nodejs Framework image

Node.js is an innovative and most popular web app development framework among various other web frameworks. Many other popular web app frameworks such as React, Angular, and many such use Node.js as their core developing block. It provides necessary tools like NPM, which is a JavaScript runtime tool used that developers use to build scalable Asynchronous web applications.

Additionally, this open source framework is a widely adopted web framework for developing simple web applications and acquiring great support for this. Also, Node.js is also responsible for running the V8 JavaScript engine, which is Google Chrome’s core.

Node.js is also advantageous because with the help of this web framework, a number of frontend developers writing JavaScript for the browser are capable of writing the server-side code along with the client-side code without learning an entirely different language.

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We hope you will find this article helpful. After going through this blog, you will be able to understand the functionalities and features of all the above listed web app development frameworks with more clarity. Whether you are a developer at a beginner level or you are a professional, you might think twice before opting for the right web framework if you are going to build a robust, scalable, and intuitive web application.

Here, in this article, we have mentioned some of the top web app development frameworks for both frontend and backend development. For instance, if you are looking to build a large-scale web app, Spring or AngularJS might be the perfect choice for you. But, if you are looking for the best frontend web development framework, Laravel or Node.js are the ideal choice.

You can also get in touch with4 Way Technologies, a leading web app development company. Please feel free to provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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