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Accelerate the development cycle of your software by driving efficiency and minimizing costs with our DevOps consulting services. We offer our customers impeccable services that possess various capabilities like incremental and iterative development, on-demand workload management, automated testing techniques, lightweight architecture, and security.

Helping organizations deploy better software, faster.

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Our DevOps and AWS Consultant

With rich years of experience in DevOps Automation and AWS implementation services, our certified engineers and architects have served high-end companies. At 4 Way Technologies, we make use of prominent tools like Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, and Docker to automate the redundant tasks. We focus on providing top-notch security and scalable features through customized solutions.We provide services that traverse the distance between development and deployment. We attain AWS DevOps competency.

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Pilot Framework Creation

Our DevOps managed services allows you to integrate the existing tools with our impressive and powerful ecosystem of licensed tools and open source.

Process Implementation

Our DevOps consulting company includes highly experienced developers who proceed with the analysis, construction, design, implementation and automation in the specified areas. In order to deliver the right software solutions as per the requirement of your business.

CI/CD Pipeline

4 Way Technologies is the leading DevOps development company as we fill the Dev-Ops gap by following the model - continuous development, continuous integration, along with continuous testing and deployment.

Security Integration

Our DevOps managed services are extremely secured as we perform comprehensive security integration by following the ‘Security as Code’ mechanism with the help of DevSecOps to provide you with the most secure and robust product that can take your business to the next level.

Our DevOps Consulting Services Offerings

4 Way Technologies will take care of all infrastructure activities and let core engineers focus on building the product. Infrastructure activities would include all automation services and everything which requires logging-into the servers like release management, continuous deployment, creating replica environments, setting up new servers, change management, performance optimizations etc.

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DevOps Assessment

We evaluate your DevOps readiness and have a roadmap to automate your delivery process.We analyze and assess organization's current DevOps practices, identify improvement areas and gaps in capabilities of existing team to arrive at the next level of maturity.


DevOps Automation

We automate end-to-end delivery process enabling new release deployments and rollbacks at the click of a button; setting up continuous integration environment, centralized configuration & logs management; thereby allowing faster release cycles and better team productivity.


DevOps Management

Our DevOps managed services include security management, cost optimization, performance optimization, application performance monitoring, log management and backups. Also, we tend to deploy the security controls, OS updates management, and design cloud architecture.

Why Choose 4 Way Technologies for DevOps Consulting Services?


One-Click Deployments:

We design and implement methodologies to perform zero downtime deployments. We use latest DevOps tools for the best deployment. We are known to provide amazing DevOps consulting services with one-click deployment making your customers stratify and happy.



Our DevOps Consultant sets up continuous integration environment using Jenkins and test code integration after each commit. Our continuous delivery pipeline helps to automate the delivery of the application. We automate the entire CI/CD process, by using machine learning to protect your application when deployments fail.


Performance & Stress Testing

Our DevOps engineers not only identify the breaking point but fix performance bottlenecks as well. We make use of open-source tools for performance and stress testing. Our DevOps experts help clients to determine how an application performs, it's stability and responsiveness.


Centralized Log Management

Our DevOps experts ensure that all infrastructure and application logs can be visualized at a centralized dashboard. Our centralized log manager collect all the real-time data of the application from anywhere and everywhere further helping with the issues, optimization and upgradation.


Automated Data Back-Ups

Our DevOps consulting team ensures that all of our client's valuable data is configured to have an automatic backup every few hours or on daily basis. Our experts handle the complex task of data backup dynamically with predefined DevOps tools. We handle the critical data backup with utmost care.


Security Management

We follow the best practices and guidelines to prevent common mistakes. We work with latest DevOps consulting tools to avoid any kind of security threat to the project or to the DevOps process. Our DevOps consulting experts make sure to safeguard the entire DevOps environment and process through strategies, policies, processing.


Cost Optimization

4 Way Technologies provide recommendations to upgrade/downgrade servers based on resource utilization graphs. As we provide automation your cost for DevOps is almost cut down to half. We use optimized DevOps tools cutting the cost a little more for you. We help our clients to achieve their DevOps goals with minimal cost.


Performance Optimization

Recommendations include how to optimize the performance such as using caching solutions, leveraging CloudFront, tweaking MySQL/ PHP/ Tomcat configuration. We help in performance optimization through contimuous delivery and continuous integration.

Advantages of Our DevOps Consulting Services


Ability to consider exhaustive design at the time of defining Target Operating Model.


Our DevOps consulting services offer proven approaches and Trusted solutions towards transformation.


Top-notch DevOps consulting for point solutions.


Technology and tools agnostic approach for flexibility.


Industry best practices and advanced, modern trends embedded into the entire consulting and DevOps solution implementation and design.

We also offer an additional range of DevOps Managed Services in order to make your journey of DevOps transformation easier:


Add-on Services

Our Add-on services help you in the application development and maintenance in order to boost the speed of your DevOps transformation journey.


Steady Pace

4 Way Technologies is a leading DevOps consulting company that includes highly technical expertise in order to bring a steady speed in the entire DevOps functioning.


Enhanced Flow

Our DevOps managed services offer enhanced flow of Toolchains, processes and containers, which are powered by continuous pipeline and site reliability.


Regular Monitoring

Our DevOps development company regularly monitors the pipeline performance, reviews of internal teams and platforms in order to ensure no gaps.

DevOps Tools We Know



Nagios is an open-source and free software application that is responsible for monitoring systems, infrastructure & networks, and alerting users when things do not go in the right way.



We also deal with Kubernetes, which is a system that automates deployment, scales, and manages containerized applications. It is designed by Google, and works with a wide range of container tools and possesses features such as automatic bin packing, storage orchestration, self-healing, etc.



Monit is also an open-source tool required for supervision for Linux & Unix. Monit is also responsible for the appropriateness and accuracy of the process. With the help of Monit, you can directly check the status of the system from the native HTTP web server or command line.



Selenium is a lightweight and portable framework used for software testing, which provides a playback tool for authoring tests and does not use test scripting language.


Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana

4 Way Technologies have highly skilled and experienced teams that support you in release management, change management, continuous deployment, and more, in order to help your organization in getting hassle free and rapid deployment.



Vagrant is also an open-source software product used for maintaining and developing portable virtual software. It is a cross platform software written in Ruby and is trusted by operators and developers across the globe..



Jenkins is an open-source automation server that is completely easy to use, written in Java, and has an impeccable ecosystem of add-ons & plug-ins. Jenkins is optimized for hassle free customization to help in automating the non-human part of the software development process.



Docker is a computer program, which we use here at 4 Way Technologies in order to perform operating system level virtualization also known as containerization.



Puppet is a software configuration management tool, which is also open-source and runs on various Unix-like systems and Microsoft Windows as well. It is written in Clojure & C++, and has its own declarative language in order to describe the configuration of the system.



Vault is responsible for securing, storing, and controlling access to tokens, certificates, passwords, APIs, and more, which helps in securing the applications and infrastructure as well.

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Do you also have these queries?

What is DevOps consulting?

DevOps consulting are consulting services that are made for technology-driven enterprises aiming to achieve goals and enhance their IT operations and development process by working as a team. DevOps consulting services help increase the speed of delivery, improve release quality and cut short the cost.

    Can DevOps be outsourced?

    Yes, DevOps can be outsourced. But DevOps outsourcing is, of course, a team effort. Nowadays, organizations usually go for outsourced DevOps because aligning KPIs and working for on-time deliveries with managing number of other things is a quite difficult in-house task. An organization always get DevOps outsourced while focusing on the core ideas and more important things in hand.

      What companies use DevOps?

      All type of IT companies big or small uses DevOps. Be it Amazon, NetFlix or Target. Almost every IT company is adopting DevOps so that they can deal better with development and software operations as a whole process. Even companies who want to accelerate it’s Digital Transformation are also using DevOps.

        What is the need for DevOps?

        DevOps is needed because it helps to increaser deployment frequency, decrease the failure rate, fast meantime for recovering and fixing errors. Obviously apart from the goal of bringing development and IT operations together. It also provides world-class stability, reliability and security among other benefits.

          What are the DevOps tools? Which tools have you worked on?

          DevOps tools are the simple tools that can help with configuration management, testing and building of systems, applications deployment, version controlling and monitoring.

          • Git – Version Control Tool
          • Jenkins – Continuous Integration Tool
          • Puppet, Chef – Configuration Management and Deployment Tool
          • Docker – Containerization Tool