SMART TV App Development

We are an early adopter of SMART TV app development. We have started creating SMART TV and live streaming apps from early 2015. We develop applications on all leading SMART TV operating systems like Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Roku OS, TVOS, Hisense VIDAA, Vizio, FireTV and Amazon Fire stick.

As experienced SMART TV app developers, we understand the requirements of different platforms and customize our development as per the TV manufacturer specifications. This further helps in making sure the app developed by us not only works well but also gets approved on respective application stores.

Developing TV applications for so many years not only enables us to develop faster and better apps but also helps us in procuring several testing devices across platforms/ models to test the app and make sure the performance is consistent across.

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Why companies choose SMART TV App Development?


The advent of faster internet, limited time and an unfortunate pandemic situation have given a big boost to the OTT industry. These days several movies and series are getting launched on OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney, Amazon prime. The mobiles because of their limited screen size might not be a choice for most of the viewers. Therefore, content providers and distributors are looking for Top SMART TV App Companies to provide users with 10-foot experience.

Viewing experience on SMART TV is quite different from mobile devices as ad viewership time is more on TV. Generally, people don’t skip ads and enjoy for longer duration which is good for content creator, publishers and distributors .Our SMART app development services are often resorted by consumer brands, media companies and broadcasters as part of their strategy, as they want to maintain a constant connect with the viewers – making inroads in their drawing rooms.

Highlights of our SMART TV App Development

Our SMART TV developers having required technical knowledge and ability to work across platform.


Technical Expertise

We have Smart TV app development experience in working across a wide array of technologies such as Samsung Native, Samsung Tizen app development. We also have the expertise in working with Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV and Amazon Fire. We are known to deal expertly with all the platforms and smart TV OS.


Working Seamlessly

We work seamlessly across Multiple Platforms with our VOD apps and live streaming, while leveraging third-party tools. Our developers are well-versed with all the new updates released by big brands or modifications made into the respective OS and hence can work flawlessly on any smart TV OS. Working faultlessly with any smart TV OS or on multiple platforms is one of our best attributes.

What makes us a Best SMART TV App Development Company?

We offer end to end smart tv app development services from designs to maintenance.


Smart TV Application Design

SMART TV app designs are unique as and different from web and mobile design as designer have to create fewer screens compare to mobile devices. Also, in TV navigation happens using TV remote therefore a designing company who specialize on TV designing is always required.


Smart TV Development

SMART TV app development is not limited to only two operating systems like in mobile (Android and iOS). Presently there are close to 32 OS for SMART TV app platforms. Major operating systems includes Tizen, WebOS, ROKU, VIDAA, TVOS, Fire and Android. We develop application on all these platforms.


Smart TV Application Testing

We have 100 plus different devices for manual SMART TV testing. Also, created frameworks using technology like STB tester for automation testing.

smartTV _maintenance

Smart TV Application Maintenance

SMART TV app maintenance is a major part of our offering. As after development our clients have multiple TV apps and SMART TV platform keeps on adding more TVs. Therefore, we make sure there is a maximum availability of applications – resulting in enhanced user experience and fetching a better ROI.

Our TV App Development Platforms

  • Samsung TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • LG WebOS
  • Roku TV
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Vizio TV
  • Hisense VIDAA TV
  • SMART TV App Maintenance

Samsung TV App Development

We develop applications on Samsung SMART TV platforms. We have developed and approved over 50 plus Samsung apps using JavaScript and ReactJS technologies. We follow the UI/UX templates guide provided by Samsung Developer for easy navigation and approval process. Also, we use the latest Tizen SDK (4.6) which is released in March 2022 for all our development. We are very active members of samsung developer community and create the package and manifest which follows the Samsung checklist for quick approval. The Samsung TV SDK consists of the following components:


Tizen Studio IDE


TV Simulator


TV Emulator


Web Inspector


Apple TV App Development

Apple TV app development is developed on the TVOS operating system provided by the Apple Development community. Creating an Apple TV app is quite similar to creating an iOS application. apps like games, utility and entertainment can be developed on Apple TV. Like iOS app development we use Xcode to create Apple TV app however, it is different then mobile as both are different operating systems and therefore, creates different types of binary files for execution. In the TV app we have to add the functionality of SIRI Remote for smooth navigation. This can be developed using JavaScript, objective C or SWIFT.

Android TV App Development

Android TV is a popular OS for TV applications. It has a market size close to Samsung Tizen. Android is popular TV operating as several companies who do not want to take the pain of creating new operating systems for their TV business end up using Android. Fire TV also uses Android. Sony, Panasonic, Micormax, Toshiba all have their TV having Android as an operating system. As Android is the most mature operating system therefore, for TV it provides more flexibility in creating content for the big screen and provides good layouts for 10 feet experience. Android TV also provides support for AndroidX libraries like leanback for remote navigation and media service class for creating play cards display icons.


LG WebOS App Development

WebOS is a web operating system which provides full customization to develop applications for several devices. LG uses LG WebOS SMART TV operating system to design and develop applications for LG TV. The WebOS TV 22 uses WebOS 2.16.0 which got released in May 2022 to create a user-friendly interface for viewers. WebOS applications can be developed using JavaScript and uses Support Web Api and Luna service API for quick development. Also supports digital rights management and chrome cast app development which can be developed on WebOS Sdk or WebOS CLI.

Roku Channel Developer

Roku is an open streaming platform built over Roku OS. The apps or channels on Roku OS are developed using BrightScript. Roku developers help in creating custom channels on Roku OS using scene graph and media playback libraries. At 4 Way Technologies, we create custom channels for all display i.e. standard, wide screen and HDTV and pass the channel through Roku channel certification process.


Amazon Fire TV App Development

Fire TV app development can be done on JavaScript or Android (JAVA). We prefer getting the Fire Stick app development using Android as it provides more flexibility and has a wide variety of players including exo player which runs several different types of videos. Developing apps for Fire Tv is quite similar to developing apps for Android TV.


Vizio TV App Development

Vizio TV uses SmartCast OS which allows developers to create streaming and entertainment apps on Vizio TV. 4 Way Technologies VIZIO’s TV app provides a 10-foot user interface and additional features like Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa. Vizio TV app has additional features like text to speech to use Vizio Tv app..

Hisense VIDAA TV App Development

VIDAA platform is a Linux based system that includes the operating system (OS), driver and middleware layers. VIDAA platform provides rich media playback functionalities including play, pause, stop and scaling. Various streaming protocols including HTTP\HLS\DASH\MSS are supported by the media player plugin module. It also has a DRM manager to manage digital rights and a streaming manager to control the stream. We work closely with the VIDAA team to publish/ develop apps on Vizio platform.


SMART TV App Maintenance

At 4 Way Technologies We not only design and develop the apps but also maintain the app as there are several platforms and OS. The industry is still evolving so we make sure that apps we maintain work flawlessly across platforms. This also covers new development for new OS and maintaining the current code as per the new platform guidelines.



Do you also have these queries?

What is Smart TV all about?

A Smart TV is a traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features which allows users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos. Besides the traditional functions of television sets and set-top boxes provided through traditional broadcasting media, these devices can also provide Internet TV, online interactive media, over-the-top content (OTT), as well as on-demand streaming media, and home networking access.

    What are Smart TV apps?

    Smart TV applications are web-based software programs that run on digital TVs connected to the Internet. With Smart TV applications, TV users can access web content via their TV screens. Unlike general web pages, applications for Smart TV allow users to employ TV-specific features.

      What are the key features you keep in mind while developing Smart TV applications?

      • Right techniques or approaches towards the application
      • Consider the origin and endpoint of the applications to be developed
      • Create the right media content
      • The user-friendly environment
      • Focus on UX principles for designing amazing Smart TV applications
      • Consider factors that’ll make it easy for the users to use the application.

      Do you use AGILE methodology to develop Smart TV applications?

      Transparency, quick delivery and flexibility using AGILE processes is the core of our DNA. From Samsung to Roku to Chromecast we expertly put our knowledge of AGILE methodology to develop the smart TV applications.

        Is it cost and time effective to get Smart TV applications developed?

        As smart TVs are in demand so are their applications. Of course, it’s cost-effective and profitable to own smart TV apps. Hiring Smart TV app developers is not very costly if you go for the right company. The developers charge according to the application and project requirement which isn’t very costly. And it’ll take 5-6 months for the application to be developed with accuracy and quality assurance. But in some scenarios, everything depends on the complexity and the structure of the application.

          How do you create a smart TV app?

          • Thorough Research
          • Following Client’s ideas
          • Researching about the content
          • Keeping the audience in mind while developing the content
          • Planning
          • Keeping in mind the origin and endpoint of the application to be developed
          • Choosing the right technology
          • Considering re-usability and reducing cycle
          • Designing
          • Developing
          • Deploying
          • Verifying and validation of the application

          Which is the best Smart TV app development company?

          4 Way Technologies is an early adopter of SMART TV and Live streaming technologies. Humbly, we are the biggest SMART TV app development company in the world. Worked with several production, media and OTT platform companies to develop SMART TV apps.

            What type of Smart TV apps platforms do you build apps for?

            There are a number of different platforms for which we can develop Smart TV applications. Some of them are:

            • Samsung Smart TV app development.
            • LG WebOS SMART TV app development
            • Amazon Fire TV app development.
            • Vizio Smart TV app development.
            • Android TV app Development.
            • Apple TV app Development.
            • VIDAA/ Hisense SMART TV app development
            • ROKU TV App development

            What apps can you get on Smart TV?

            There is a wide variety of applications available for Smart TVs. Some of them are; Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and many more.