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Secure, high-performing, and impeccable web solutions, which support various business processes efficiently and serve worldwide users.

With outstanding experience in developing customized web applications, 4 Way Technologies is a leading custom web app development company across the globe with proficiency in developing perfect web apps using our cutting-edge technologies. Along with web app development, we also rectify and solve all your business problems by meeting the quality standards and your high expectations in order to outperform your competitors and provide you with better results.

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Our Full-Stack Web Application Development Services


Although our team comprises of a mere mortal group of full-stack developers, they are endowed with the quality of working on all facets of custom web application development. They design entire websites. Moreover, they are experts in handling all aspects of web application development, resulting in seamless products.

We work in close tandem with our customers – offering solutions, with the help of cutting edge technologies, whether that be an E-Commerce platform or Software-as-a-Services applications. We adhere to strict delivery schedules and adopt agile development methodologies.

What are Highlighted Features of Custom Web Application Development of 4 Way Technologies?

Following are some of the features, highlighting our services:


Device Agnostic Solution

Our developers develop device-agnostic websites – which accommodate visitors from desktop to mobile devices as well as tabs. Our solutions are tried and tested on all the types of devices.

Scalability & Flexibility

Scalability & Flexibility

We believe in developing scalable web applications with the help of Micro Services Architecture. Our developers build web applications that are flexible and can run any device and browser.

Expertise in Full_stack

Expertise in Full-Stack Development

Our full-stack developers are versatile and have the ability to manage any kind of technology. Our developers are well-versed with Front-end technology, as well as databases.

Expertise in integration

Expertise in Integration & API Development

Our Application Programming Interface (API) developers have years of experience in developing API integration across multiple platforms. They develop some of the most difficult software integration along with APIs.

What are the Process for Custom Web App Development?

Our developers believe in following the Agile development workflow, that has the following stages:

Discover and research

Discover and Research

Before we kick off the project, we conduct the UX discovery and research at each and every stage. We thoroughly research all the aspects for the project and then discover the ways to implement your ideas and make your web application innovative and engaging.



We take user interviews to understand the target audience, their demands and needs. And meanwhile, we also keep a tab on nedw technologies and what your competitors are doing. After considering everything we plan the application so that our client will have bet app.



This is the phase where our developers incorporate the UX into the iterative development cycle and validation is facilitated. This is the very phase where all the research and planning will be implemented to get our client the desired customized web application.



This step is to make sure that the research and discovery phase has yielded a product – that meets all the user requirements. We use some of the best validation tools like the Heat Maps, First Click Tests and the Usability Tests.



Our developers take an iterative approach and deliver a software build – at the end of each iteration. The more is the validation information obtained, the more chances are that our developers were able to refine the iterative changes and edit the product.

What Technologies We Use for Custom Web App Development?


Java supports custom web development. Many of the modern Java frameworks are based on servlets. A Java servlet is nothing but a Java programming language – extending the capability of a server. Our Java Development Company view a Java web application as a collection of dynamic resources such as Java Server pages, Java classes, Servlets as well as static pages like HTML pictures and pages. Following are the Java based services rendered by us:

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Java Web and Cloud Solutions

We offer web solutions based on software such as Struts, Hibernate, Liferay and Spring. We offer Java based Cloud and web solutions.

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Java Mobile Applications

Our developers have experience in mobile application development by using the Micro Edition of Java platform (Java ME).

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Java Backend Applications

We have a wide array of custom application development for solutions on Business Intelligence, Server-side and API development.



ASP.NET is an open-source web development framework that provides a comprehensive software cluster, a programming model, and several other ASP.NET development services for building robust applications for web as well as mobile devices.

.NET framework provides various reusable and extensive objects or components for developing ASP.NET applications. Our ASP.NET development company provides you with better web solutions for any of your .NET-related projects

We can develop several multi-functional ASP.NET applications in the shortest possible time by focusing mainly on the functionality, security, scalability, and intuitive user experience of the application. We offer the following ASP.NET services.

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ASP.NET Mobile App Development

The mobile apps entitles many organizations and businesses to reach a large number of audiences. Our ASP.NET development company helps you to build customized and high-performance mobile applications as per your requirement, using modern techniques. We also help you in legacy apps migration while retaining the primary functionalities of your mobile apps.

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ASP.NET Cloud Integration

We help you in integrating the app using several cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services. You can also store and access your data from our central data location for ASP.NET development services.

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Customized Product-Based Web Solutions

Our ASP.NET development company includes proficient developers who deliver tailor-made applications after researching properly for your services and products, market scenario, and primary business goals.


PHP is a server-side scripting language used for web application development and is the most popular among all the languages used for responsive as well as dynamic websites. It is open source and object-oriented. Our developers have created all types of robust web solutions by using PHP, generating the dynamic web pages.

Our developers vouch by this language as they can write scripts at a faster rate and applications are far more secure, with multiple layers of security that prevents threats. Our PHP Development Company offer the following PHP services:

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Web Applications

Our developers have developed a wide range of web Applications such as e-commerce, CMS and CRM. These types of applications can be developed faster with PHP.

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Database Management

PHP supports most of the major databases and we offer web services based on Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, GraphDB, CouchDB and many more.

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Web Design Services

Our expert designers are proficient in different types of design tools such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, EmberJs etc. Our designers are building some of the best designs that are simple but amazingly spectacular.

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Migration from Legacy Systems

Our developers have the expertise in complex legacy solutions to cloud and mobile-ready PHP web application solutions. Our developers set both technology and organisation KPI’s to work better.

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The Mean Stack, a free and open-source software stack comprise of a collection of JavaScript-based technologies such as MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js and AngularJS. Our developers are experts in building dynamic web applications and websites, using these software. Following are some of the services offered by our Mean Stack Development Company:

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MongoDB, Node.js and Express.js Development

MongoDB is a combination of NoSQL and traditional relational databases. Our developers have the expertise in building scalable applications with MongoDB. They cater to a wide range of activities such as schema development, deployment, integration and migration.

We deliver complete back-end functionalities based on Node.js. Our developers also make use of the web application framework called the Express.js. The server side applications are build with Node.js and then Express.js is used for publishing the websites.

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Frontend Development using JavaScript

Our developers have the expertise in delivering exquisite user interfaces using JavaScript.

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Migration from Legacy System

We offer migration services from complex legacy solutions to Mean stack software based solutions.

Ruby on Rails

This server-side web application framework is used by our Ruby On Rails Development Company to create complete mobile and web ecosystems, for advantages such as speed and ease of use – with less code required for creating basic structure like data fields. Moreover, we work well on Ruby on Rails (RoR) in combination with JavaScript front-end frameworks such as AngularJS and Ember.js.

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Back-end Custom Development with ROR

We build RoR based web and mobile ecosystems. Our developers are well-versed with the language hence, great back-end services.

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Integration With Third Party Systems

We integrate RoR back-end with any type of database and third party services.

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Cloud Deployment Consulting

Our developers offer easy migration services from RoR solution to Cloud with the right resources

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Upgrade and Support Services

Our developers not only create amazing applications but we also provide upgrade and support services.



It is one of the high-level programming languages – used by our developers to create general purpose programming. They have used this as a scripting language for web applications. Our Python Development Company opt for this over Java or C, because it has a design philosophy that requires lesser code and enhances code readability. We have developed applications that run on multiple systems and have similar interfaces on various platforms. Following are the services rendered by us:

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Complete Web Applications

We have developed web applications with integrating capabilities by using frameworks such as Django.

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Support Services

It acts as a support language for our developers for management, build control and testing. It is used by us also in automated testing.

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Enterprise Management Applications

We have developed ERP and e-commerce applications, using Python.


Scala is a programming language – providing support for functional programming. Our developers choose Scala because it is more concise and clear in comparison with Java. Scala also has interoperability between the existing Java code and itself. Since Scala can be written in a fraction of time in compared to Java, it allows a Scala developer to do more functional work in a workday. Following are the services offered by us:

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Web Applications

Our developers are proficient in developing scalable web applications.

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Integration With Third Party Systems

We integrate Scala with any other database or other software as well.

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Deploying Scala on Cloud

Our developers are experts in working with Scala on Cloud environment.

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Migration from Legacy Systems

Our developers are well-aware of Java Virtual Machine(JVM) hence, easily migrating from legacy system.


Content Management Systems

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

We use several Enterprise Content management solutions like Alfresco, Liferay, Sharepoint, Ektron, Kentiko Development, WordPress, and AEM which are the comprehensive content management platforms to build mobile apps, forms and websites. We view this as a Digital Experience Tool that helps our clients to deliver compelling content – across a wide range experiences such as mobile, web and Internet of Things (IoT). It works from a unified interface – to create the customer experiences across all touch points. It is often build at a scale that is appropriate to drive user engagement. Following services are provided by us:

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Web, Mobile and IoT

Our services ensure a personalized and connected experience with our users on the above platforms.

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Managing Assets

Our services accelerate management, sourcing and delivery of assets for an enterprise-class Digital Asset Management System.

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Managing Communities

We give people a forum to get connected with each other. We develop applications that can help people to stay close to their community.


Drupal is a perfect open-source, web content management system for large systems like CRM or ERP system. It is used to make websites and applications. Our developers use Drupal for data-driven web applications as well as mobile apps. Our developers vouch by it, because of the excellent security, reliable performance and above all easy content authoring. Following are some of the services that our Drupal Development Company offers:

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Web Applications

Our developers resort to Drupal for various websites because of its scalability, security and robustness. They create large content-driven websites with Drupal.

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Mobile Application

Our developers make use of DrupalGap, an open-source mobile application development kit. They build customized mobile apps that converse with Drupal websites.

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Support and Maintenance

We offer our clients with support and maintenance activities for Drupal, solving the issues that your business faces by providing every possible solution to maintain and support your project.

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Migration Services

Our developers are known to migrate different applications to Drupal be it CMS to Drupal or either traditional ERP to Drupal we deal with all kind of migrating.

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Do you also have these queries?

What are Web applications?

A web application is a client-server computer program that the client (user) runs in a web browser. Web applications are a progressive extension of an application on the internet. Common web applications include webmail, online retail sales, online banking, etc. Other examples of web applications include online forms, shopping carts, word processors, spreadsheets, video and photo editing, file conversion, file scanning, the most popular web applications are Google Apps and Microsoft 365.

    What does custom web application mean? Is it just all about developing the application?

    When a company/organization makes a website for another enterprise and manages the website until the agreement lives then it is termed as custom web applications. A customized web application is also about including the ideas of the customer and develop the application as per the needs of the customer keeping their end-users in mind. Custom web application is not just about development but it also includes the maintenance of the application and updation of it whenever needed.

      What are the key features you consider while developing the customized web applications?

      • Thorough research
      • Following Customer’s ideas
      • Planning
      • Considering re-usability and reducing cycle
      • Choosing the right technology
      • Designing
      • Developing
      • Deploying
      • Verifying and validation of the application.

      What are the software or languages used by your developers for developing web applications?


      • Java
      • PHP
      • Python
      • Python
      • Scala


      • .NET
      • Mean
      • Ruby on Rails (RoR)
      • Liferay


      • Drupal
      • AEM
      • WordPress

      Is it a smart move to opt for web applications?

      Getting a customized web application is very profitable. It’s a one-time investment. These days web applications are quite common and in-trend. It’s an efficient and economical way to be more social and get more customers online, as nowadays people prefer to search online and relay on the websites, it’s more like a necessity to have an own web application. And getting your web application developed is quiet cost and time-effective. We at 4 Way Technologies keep customer’s need and design in mind and develop the most amazing applications on time.