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We develop robust and scalable Android Apps

Did you know that Android apps have captured over 60-70 percent of mobile phone users in the world? These days Android app development fits all sorts of businesses. This is a great moment one can gain at least a few thousands of customers.

There are thousands of Android devices in the market, it is of utmost importance to develop an app that can be compatible with different devices. We as an Android App Development Company in USA analyze each and every Android device that the customers use. Accordingly, we develop an app that the customers prefer to use. We have an in-house dedicated team of Android app developers, who create remarkable Android apps.

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Core Services offered by our Android App Development Company

Android happens to be the most widely user OS. Our company strictly follow the Google Android guidelines, as we design and develop customized Android applications. As an Android App Development Company in USA, we are fully updated with the latest updates in the Android application development space. We will help you with some of the robust, scalable Android apps – incorporating the latest features. We offer customized android app development services to offer ingenious user experience – through our Android apps.

Our adroit Android app developers have access to a wide range of tools for developing powerful, visually pleasing Android apps. Our expertise lies in Android Studio, SDK (Software Development Kit), Debuggers, Media APIs, Wi-fi APIs, location-based service APIs, external libraries, database management systems, OpenGL, 3D Graphics, security architecture and many such more.

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Why Companies Opt for Android App Development?

The greatest advantage that Android has over other OS is that there is an open marketplace for the distribution of the apps. So, when we publish an app on the open marketplace such as Google Play, we simply arrive at a huge installed base of Android. Following are some of the reasons for which companies opt for Android app development.

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Low Investment but high ROI

Since the Android Software Development Kit(SDK) is available free to the developer community, the cost of developing Android apps is low, which fetches a higher Return on Investment(ROI).

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Easy to integrate

Android is scripted in Java, which comes with a rich set of libraries. So, our Java programmers. find it easy to develop an Android app.

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Wider Opportunities

Android is easy to customize. It is considered to be the right solution for your business as you have the power to tweak the mobile app as per the requirements of your business – making them more contemporary in terms of functionality and features.

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Easy to adopt

The Android OS is a product from Google and is backed with the excellent backing of support services from Google.

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Google support

We understand that Android has captured 82 % of market share in the smart phone market and resides on one billion devices – all over the globe which provides higher opportunities.

Advantages of Android App Development Services from 4 Way Technologies

Following are some advantages, you can get while working with our company:

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  • Understanding of app development ideas.
  • Deep research and analysis by or developers - to meet our user requirements.
  • Cost-efficient, reliable services from an Android App Development Company
  • Acute level of knowledge, proficiency in the latest in Android mobile app development.
  • Confidentiality of information and data.
  • 24 X 7 expert guidance.

Our Android App Development Process

As an Android App Development Company in USA, We focus on building Android apps that are quality-driven and that can fulfill our client's needs. Our android app development process is simplified into different levels which are as follows:



The first step we follow is, we sit with the client, understand and outline a non-technical design of the application. It helps us to get a clear picture of the client's app requirement and also eliminates barriers in android app development.



After the discussion, we work on a formal plan of action. During this stage of the app development, we work on the hardware and software specifications, the deliverables, milestones that can be fixed. We always communicate at each level with the client and try to keep them in a loop.



At this step, the app requires to be hosted on the app stores and can be downloaded by users. In this stage, we take care of even a minor point of the app before hosting the android app on the app store.



As per the requirements of the project, we follow some app development methodologies, like Waterfall or Agile. This is the execution stage. During this period, we share updates and recommendations with our clients to make the app up to date every time. At this stage, we also test the app regularly to churn out all the bugs in the programming.



The newly baked-out application is not meant to last forever. Within several months, the app version will update, the markets will grow and the customers will require new features. These changes will require the app to be updated. We always maintain communication with our clients and ensure that the investment they have made is giving an excellent return.

Why 4 Way Technologies for Android Mobile App Development Company?

4 Way Technologies, an Android Mobile App Development Company in USA develops Android apps for different business verticals. We develop apps as per the business plan and at an affordable price. With experienced tech developers, we create top-notch Android mobile apps, work seamlessly across all devices & platforms.

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Outstanding Experience & Authentic Results

We love being on the cutting edge. Equipped with the latest technologies, our experienced tech team of developers understands client’s requirements and objectives first and works on delivering compelling results expeditiously.

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Precise Q/A Process

We follow the strict quality process to develop bug-free, top-performing mobile apps. We do not stop till the time your app passes through our standard trial and automated tests. We also provide complete after-support and maintenance to place our clients ahead of the market.

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A Committed Team for Support & Compliance

Our geeks have expertise in Android programming languages, and in producing high-end Android apps. Our in-house professionals follow advanced development methodology to deliver end-to-end app solutions. Our diversified team works diligently to understand the client’s requirements and examine the most precise details before delivering the final product.

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Customized Customer Service

Each second counts. That is why we work intimately with our clients to shrink the app delivery timeline. We have a reputed place in the industry for delivering on time, and at affordable budgets.

We, as an Android App Development Company in US have always focused on giving perfect client service by delivering absolute business value for all our projects.

Here are some more reasons to choose us as Top Android App Development Company in USA:

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Do you also have these queries?

How do you allocate resources for our Android App?

Based on your mobile app requirement and the app model that you have chosen we allocate the resources for your android app.

    Which technologies and tools you use for android app development?

    We use Java/Kotlin, XML for Designing. Android SDK, Android Studio, and Android NDK are the tools. Realm & SQLite for Database.

      Which project management tool you use to manage the progress of the app?

      We use a project management tool called Basecamp. We share the tool details on starting the project with our client.

        Which language do you use for Android app development?

        Android mobile apps can be either native or hybrid apps. We use kotlin or java language, in the case of the native app and the language for a hybrid app, it depends on the cross-platform structure.

          Do you build an app which works on both iOS and Android platforms?

          Yes, we do build a single app that works on both platforms. React and React native development structure makes it possible to support apps on both platforms.

            Do you develop Apps for all Android-powered devices?

            Yes, we develop Android apps for Smart TVs, Tablets, and other devices. Our app works across all devices. We will be happy to engage with your brand whether you want to develop an app for all Android-powered devices or the mobile platform only.

              Will you be providing regular updates about the app project?

              Yes, the Project manager shares updates on the progress and other important information. During the project, in case if you have any concern you reach out to us directly.

                How will you keep my Business app idea confidential?

                As an Android Mobile App Development Company, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDA) with our clients to ensure them that their shared information is going to be confidential with us. We always take care of every measure to maintain the data safe & secure