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A wire frame is a simplified, yet low-fidelity outline or structure of the product that is developed. Our design experts make it act as that skeleton to give a loose shape to the final product – simply an idea on where things will go eventually.

We understand that wire framing becomes more useful at a stage when most of the product is still hanging in the air. So, first and foremost, our teams of expert designers visualize the final product with wire framing – a step above sketching.

An initial sketch is hammered out by them on the less promising ideas, before the wireframe is created and finally our designers propose a wire frame – the best structure of the content.


Our Expertise

Mobile app development is a complex, multi-stage process. The designers at 4Way Technologies take up a wireframe, as the first step towards building a mobile app – a simplified visual concept of the final app.


Wire framing

While creating the wire frame, our designers keep it in mind that the wire frame must be kept as a low-fidelity presentation - for the overall flow of an application. This in other words, mean that they must not be used to pen down the final details of the design. It gives an idea as to how the application will work - it has nothing to do with the design.


User Experience Strategy

It is the thought process of our designers to deliver a seamless web and mobile solution. They ensure this by following the best of the design trends. The end result will be a much improved user interaction with the application.


UI Testing

Our designers also build a prototype for an app for interactions with the users. In fact, they build a low profile prototype out of the wireframe that actually tests the interaction design at the earliest possible phase.

Process of Wire framing

Following is the process that we adhere in wire framing our products:



first and foremost, our experts map the project requirements with the needs of the client.



Next, they put all the ideas on a piece of pen and paper- precisely an electronic document.



Finally, our designers build a blueprint called a wire frame. This is the crucial most stage in the development of a web or a mobile app. They take the help of subtle wireframe to convey to the team - ensuring that they are on the same page in terms of understanding the information provided on complex ideas.

What is the Advantage of Our Services?

We at 4Way Technologies have a team of rock star designers with the experience and expertise in developing apps. We apply the best practices on design as applicable for the analysis of target audience, business and the offerings from the other competitors. Following are some of the advantages of our wire framing services:


Delivering on-time and every time.


Adhering to transparent processes.


Confidentiality and security of client information.


We are adept in technology.


24 x 7 technical support.

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