UI & UX : How Do They Work Together In Web Designing

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The acronyms UI and UX stand for User Interface and User Experience respectively.

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In this article, we have mentioned the vital role of UI and UX when they work together in web designing.

What is the Definition of UI vs UX?

UI and UX Services and are the most basic parts of a website, dealing with the structure and design of the page being designed. The integral UI, UX difference is that, while creating a web design, UI designing deals with the aspects of web design like the styling of the content, while UX deals with the architecture of the web page. By architecture the structure and planning of the web page design is being taken into account. Thus, UI and UX design are the two most integral parts of web designing which form the core of the website.

What is UX design?

When a designer creates a User Experience Web Design, he/she has to take into account various factors like, how the website should appear, how the user navigates through various parts of the website, where to place the various buttons for the user to navigate through pages, how the user gains access to various information in the website, etc.

The UX designer uses various tools like research, analytics and diagrams to ensure that the design they create is apt for the purpose. They also have to design while keeping factors like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web specific requirements and browser restrictions at bay.

When you visit a website, you will find various links that directs you to different sections of the page. In some websites, it is easier to traverse through the website while in others, the website may look a bit confusing which is a prime example of bad UX designing. A well-built website with a great UX web design makes sure that the user finds it very much convenient to use the website.

What is UI design?

Considering web designing to be a process like designing a car, UX web designing can be considered similar to the designing of the structure and shape of the car while UI web designing deals with the internal appearance of the car.

User Interface Design is done to create a structure for the website and make the content more accessible and appealing. The UI designer has to consider various factors while designing like, web page loading issues, the coding for the web page, etc. While the UX designer uses tools like research and analytics, a UI designer uses tools like graphic editing, images, typography and color combinations used.

While visiting a website if the user feels that the color schemes and positioning of images (appearance) are attractive, it is the work of a good User Interface designer’s work in sight. The best UI designers make sure that the website is attractive and compels the users to revisit the website. The UI designer is responsible for how the user conceives the data from the website.

Even though mentioned as UI vs UX design, these two core sections of creating a website are meant to be designed completely at sync as both complement each other to create an output. The essential UI UX differences have been mentioned above and one should also understand that some designers do both UI & UX creative strategy design to make sure they have complete knowledge about what is happening on the other side. The best UI and UX designers make sure that they don’t just create a great UI design or UX design but also make sure that the section they are designing is optimal for the other side as well (since UI complements UX and vice versa).

On multiple occasions, we come across websites that look great on first impression but find difficulties while trying to traverse through the website while in some other websites, we may have noticed that accessing and traversing through a website is easy enough but the general appearance of the website does not create an appeal at all. These are both examples of UI and UX designing not being in sync or one section of the design not being at par with the other.

UI and UX designing are two sections of web designing, which are the most integral parts of a website and have to go hand in hand. It can’t be said enough that no website can be great with just one of these two being supremely good. If you are a person who is looking forward to designing a website keep these basic rules in mind and if you are a person who is looking for someone to hire a website, make sure that you get the best designers from both the worlds. Hire someone to design your website only after reviewing some previous works from them and analyzing them. Analyzing the website should be done according to the basic rules mentioned in this article. Get the best work done for your website if you are looking forward to create a website that is meant to reach out to the world.


After going through this article, we have understood that you should hire someone to design the website only after analyzing some previous works from them. According to the basic rules explained in this article, you can get the right work done for your any website if you develop a top-notch and powerful website from 4 Way Technologies that will help you in increasing the growth rate of your business.

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