Azure Managed Services

We combine our expert support with our top-notch Azure Managed Services in order to help you in achieving the operational proficiency on Microsoft Azure. With our Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, you can keep your focus on the vital tasks that are responsible for generating revenue for your business and rely on our highly skilled Azure team for managing the infrastructure.

We also optimize the overall cost required for your Azure infrastructure and ensure its stability along with affordable bills and quickly provided changes.

Next generation Cloud Computing Solutions.

Azure Managed Services
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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing services for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. It is an open and robust cloud computing platform that enables quick building, deployment, and management of applications in the cloud environment across a global network. The business efficiency will improve considerably and there will be a reduction in your up-front infrastructure cost. At 4 Way Technologies, we design, build and run software for enterprise deployment.

Why You Need Microsoft Azure Consulting?

Microsoft Windows Azure is a public cloud ecosystem comprising of cloud services that includes infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Our Azure Consulting experts will provide advance consultation for managing the application data over the cloud. We will help launch a Windows Server or a Linux OS while using the cloud and we will allow you to scale on demand resources to grow along with the business.


Design and deploy microsoft azure cloud services using MS Windows Azure Managed services.


Our Azure Consulting Services architects will provide you an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and a scalable cloud-centric solutions.


Add a scalable and secure back-end for development for shortening the application’s time for delivery.


Use data running on-premises with applications for storing data on Windows Azure datacentres.


Easy migration from existing enterprise to Azure.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services Provided by Us

 Cloud Integration Services & SaaS

Cloud Integration Services & SaaS Connect

With our Azure managed services, you can build integrated new solutions which are responsible for connecting services and applications on-premises and in the cloud. Hire Azure developers at 4 Way Technologies in order to get scalable and consistent software solutions.

 Development Services and Cloud Migration

Development Services and Cloud Migration

We can deliver any project in less time with our completely configured, cloud-hosted, and secure development environments. Our Azure migration services possess discovery, migration, and assessment capabilities powered by Azure migration guidance and tools that you require in order to implement and plan your cloud migration.

Big Data Solutions & Mobile Implement

Big Data Solutions & Mobile Implement

If you want to leverage Cloud computing with the features of big data analytics, our Azure Managed services will help you in making it easy to process unstructured and structured data in large volumes. 4 Way Technologies also focuses primarily on a fully managed infrastructure and real-time analytics, which includes analytics services, data engineering and machine learning solutions, and Azure database migration service.

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Maintenance of apps hosted on Azure Platform

4 Way Technologies is a leading Microsoft Azure consulting company that lets you develop applications at a fast pace with our impeccable Azure managed services. We can help you in developing enterprise-level mobile and web applications and deploying them on a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure.

Deployment and Management Services

Deployment and Management Services

Our Azure managed developers simplify your application management, scale the Azure environment as per your business needs, and ensure high availability along with reduced costs. We also help you in automating the application updates and operating systems in order to enhance security while focussing primarily on your app instead of the underlying cloud infrastructure for the quicker deployment of your application.

Testing & Support

Testing & Support

Hire a proficient and highly experienced cloud Microsoft Azure developers at 4 Way Technologies who is professional in identifying and comprehending your application’s nature. Being a certified partner of Microsoft, we provide exploratory and manual testing tools for better testing results and support you comprehensively in order to maintain your apps hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Why 4 Way Technologies for Azure Managed Services?

We help move the applications to the cloud seamlessly. Our hands-on expertise on Azure Managed Services will safely extend data outside your company firewall and move the licensed software to a service model. Our assured services will satisfy the application needs and provide a framework for building applications.

  Give cost-effective and pricing model image

Give cost-effective and pricing model.

 Help the creation image

Help the creation of hub in the cloud with easy migration features.

 Easy integration of Windows Azure applications

Easy integration of Windows Azure applications with business systems.

24/7 assistance

24/7 assistance and maintenance for the applications.

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Dedicated professional team with best solutions for the cloud troubles.

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Do you also have these queries?

What is Microsoft Azure and why is it used?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for the purpose of developing, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft data centres.

  • Azure gives simple and reliable data storage on a large scale.
  • It has the ability to be scalable on demand.
  • Azure offers a range of customized uses and benefits for organizations as per their needs.
  • Some DevOps tools can also be used into the Azure platform, providing the best opportunity for organizations looking for adopting DevOps.

What are the Azure Managed Services?

Azure Managed Services is a set of IT computing services that provide to monitor and manage system software, infrastructure configurations and service consumption using proven processes and tools. Azure managed services provider delivers a set of services to clients, either proactively or as needed.

    What are Microsoft Managed Services?

    Microsoft Managed Services is the IT services that can help an organization to improve its margins, future-proof the business, and add value and increase the number of customers. Microsoft Managed Services help to attract more customers. Microsoft Managed services is simply the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating the need for, a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses at the Azure cloud

      How do I use Azure cloud services?

      To use Azure Cloud Services you need to follow all these steps –

      • Set up a development environment
      • Download a sample solution and run it
      • Deployment of a sample application to Azure
      • Create an application from scratch
      • Troubleshoot it

      Are Azure Cloud Services deprecated?

      Azure Cloud Services are not deprecated, but yes Microsoft is changing a few things as per the emerging new technologies. Microsoft is pushing for the use of other PaaS offerings like WebApps, WebJobs, Functions, Service Fabric etc but not giving up on Azure.