What Are The Major Challenges Of Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing platforms have become one of the most preferable data storage solutions for several organizations as it reduces the cost of managing and owning on-premise data centers.

Cloud computing enables worldwide access to a set of resources like services, data, applications, computer networks, and services. It can be done on either a privately owned cloud or a third-party server located in a data center. This is responsible for making the data access stratagem more efficient and reliable, with minimum administration effort.

In this article, we have illustrated some of the major challenges faced by the developers like you while implementing Cloud computing techniques.

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No doubt that Cloud computing includes a lot of challenges, but there are several advantages as well, which you cannot overlook. A number of businesses of all sizes are growing comprehensively these days by adopting Cloud computing.

The challenges that we are going to discuss in this article while implementing must be resolved correctly in order to accept the cloud computing technology trend. This is because the cloud and business intelligence (BI) are dependent on each other. BI is responsible for distributing the correct information to the people and the cloud is considered as a medium to access BI applications.

In order to attain the consistency and economy of scale, the Cloud technology is dependent on the resources’ allocation. Therefore, it is quite cost-effective as well, and which is why even most of the small organizations or businesses opt for Cloud computing.

However, there are several challenges included in cloud computing, and you as a software developer must be prepared in order to deal with them for the realization of their benefits.

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What Are The Major Challenges That You Must Consider While Cloud Computing?

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Challenged Faced While Implementing Cloud Computing

Here are some of the major challenges that you should consider before opting for cloud computing technology:

1. Security

One of the top concerns while investing in cloud services is security issues when you implement cloud computing. This is because the data gets processed and stored by a third-party vendor, which you cannot see. However, you will be informed consistently about the broken authentication, account hacking, compromised credentials, data breaches, and more.

Additionally, the cloud providers are putting a lot of effort in improving the security capabilities. You can also make sure that it implements privacy protocols and database security.

2. Password Security

Your Cloud account can also become vulnerable because a number of people access it. Anyone who knows the hacking tricks or is familiar with your password can easily break into your Cloud and access your secure and important information.

In order to get rid of this issue, the organization must implement a multiple level authentication and make sure that your passwords will be protected. Additionally, the organizations should also modify the passwords regularly, especially at those times when an employee leaves or resigns from the organization.

3. Cost Management

Cloud computing is responsible for allowing you to access the application over the internet connection and also helps you to save on investing in expensive computer hardware, management, maintenance, and software. Which is why Cloud computing is more affordable. However, data transfer to a public cloud is a costly affair, especially in the case of a small project or business.

4. Lack of Perfection

Cloud management has become difficult because of the factors such as continuous improvement of cloud tools, increasing workload on cloud technologies and much more. The demand for a trained workforce is consistently increasing, who are capable of dealing with the cloud computing services and tools. Therefore, the organizations must train their IT professionals in order to minimize the challenges while implementing cloud computing.

5. Connectivity Of Internet

The cloud services depend on a speedy internet connection. Therefore, the organizations, which are relatively small and face several issues related to internet connectivity should primarily install a good internet connection in order to make sure that there will be no downtime. This factor is considered as one of the most important factors to keep in mind while investing in cloud services because the internet connectivity issues might lead to vast business losses.

6. Governance Or Control

Maintaining complete control over asset maintenance and management is another challenging factor in cloud computing technology. A dedicated team should be there in order to make sure that the assets used in implementing cloud services are adhered to dedicated procedures and agreed policies. The maintenance should be proper and the assets must meet the goals of your organization successfully.

7. Compliance

Maintaining compliance is another mighty risk while implementing cloud computing. Compliance refers to a set of rules, which explain about the type of data allowed to move and what must be kept in-house in order to maintain compliance. The businesses must respect and follow the set of compliance rules by a number of government bodies.

8. Multiple Cloud Management

A number of organizations are investing in multiple private and public clouds, or a combination of public and private cloud, which is known as hybrid cloud. In recent times, this has grown dramatically. Therefore, it is very important to consider the challenges faced by such businesses and search for the solutions in order to grow with the latest trend.

9. Private Cloud Creation

It is very advantageous to Implement the internal cloud. The reason behind this is the in-house data security. But here the challenge is the involvement of the IT professionals in order to fix and build everything on their own. Moreover, the dedicated IT team also needs to make sure the smooth and proper cloud functioning. Also, the team is required to automate most manual tasks and their execution must be in the perfect order.

10. Performance

When we talk about moving business applications to a third party vendor or a cloud, the business performance automatically also tends to depend on your provider. However, investment in the correct cloud service provider is another issue while implementing cloud computing.

Before investing in cloud services, you must look for good providers with innovative and impeccable technologies. The cloud-based systems performance is linked to the systems of the provider as well.

11. Migration

Cloud Migration Services refers to moving an existing application or a new application to a cloud. When it comes to moving a new application, the process becomes very simple. However, if it is an existing application, it becomes too slow.

According to a recent survey, 95% of the businesses are moving their apps to the cloud. The survey also displayed that many organizations are finding it a nightmare. Here are some of the noticeable issues faced : slow data migrations, extensive troubleshooting, security challenges in cloud computing, application downtime, cutover complexity, and migration agents.

12. Service Provider Reliability

The capability and capacity of a technical service provider play a very important role along with the price. Make sure that the service provider must be available at the time of need. One of the primitive concerns is the reputation and sustainability of the service provider.

13. Downtime

Downtime is one of the most significant shortcomings of cloud technology. There are no sellers, who can promise for a platform, which does not include downtime issues. Cloud technology is responsible for making small organizations reliant on their internet connectivity, hence, organizations with a slow or bad internet connection probably must overcome this issue before adopting cloud computing technology.

14. Vendor Lock-in

To enter into a cloud computing agreement is much easier than to leave it. “Vendor lock-in” comes into play when altering the service providers is either not possible or excessively costly. It usually happens when the service is nonstandard. The buyer must be careful and understand the accurate needs.

Cloud computing is one of the perfect solutions for a number of businesses, but it is very important to completely understand that.

15. Interoperability

Interoperability means that the application on one platform must be capable of incorporating services from the other platforms. Although It is done with the help of web services, developing these web services is a very tricky task.


We hope you will find this blog helpful. After going through this article, we can say that cloud computing is a great platform for organizations to grow. However, at the same time, you must remain careful while implementing cloud computing. You must vigilantly choose your cloud services provider, understand the compliance policies that they follow and the provider must have an ideal plan for mitigating vulnerabilities and risks.

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