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Liferay development is based on the Java platform and it can also be extended by the customization of the existing applications, creation of new themes, addition of the new applications, and modifications in its behavior. Being a Liferay developer, you can also do this by using any of the programming languages that JVM supports such as Java, Groovy, Scala, and many more.

With the customizable abilities of Liferay, you can also add support for more databases and app servers without making modifications in its source code: Just create and deploy a module with your needed features.

Make a smart move with the help of cutting edge Liferay Development Solutions.

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Liferay Developer | Hire Liferay Developer

Our Liferay Developer Introduction

Our Liferay Developer

At 4 Way Technologies, we offer the best management practices to esteemed customers using the best frameworks. Leverage with us and experience a completely new relevant and practical solutions to your business.

4 Way Technologies is known for delivering amazing and up-to-date Liferay web portals, which can definitely makes your business stand above all in the competition. We have a dedicated team of expert Liferay Developers who provides strong framework for developing a customized Liferay application. Our Liferay services mainly includes single sign on using LDAP/AD, customized design and implementation, integration, development of custom portlet, support and maintenance services, migration assistance (6.2, 7, and DXP Liferay Versions) , front-end theme creation, and hardware/software environment recommendation.

Services Offered By 4 Way Technologies

4 Way Technologies Liferay portal development services have everything that clients require from the experienced providers. Having a hard working, dedicated team of Liferay Developer one can’t help boasting about. We are constantly revamping our infrastructure to meet the requirements of clients with our expert team of certified Liferay developers

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Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Liferay Developer focus on improving the proficiency of application environment through consultation services that includes performance tuning, Application Engineering and technology consultation, TCO and ROI analysis.

Upgradation and Migration

Upgradation and Migration

Liferay Developers strictly help our clients to overcome the problems related to maintenance, complex architecture, integration challenges and difficulty in scaling through our top-notch migration services.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Our certified Liferay professionals identify and debug the software problems that might cut down your business performance. As a whole, we take care of consistent monitoring and optimization.

customization & integration

Customization and Integration

A team of experienced Liferay professionals analyze and develop a strategic planning that perfectly suits your business requirements. We customize in terms of theme, extensions, portlets, and modules to come up with an interactive web application.

Why to opt Liferay Development Services from 4 Way Technologies?

Diverse functionalities

Diverse Functionalities

4 Way Technologies offers an customized application development on Liferay platform embedded with multiple functionalities. Our team of professional interface designers and Liferay developers build most innovative solutions.

built-in feature

Built-in Features

By using the excellent built-in CMS and comprehensive document library, we have been successfully assisting our esteemed clients to manage their digital asset brilliantly.

Integration Facility

Integration Facility

We tend to integrate with plenty of commercial open source products such as Alfresco, Pentaho, and much more. It helps us to configure with Active Directory and Single Sign-On.



We make use of JSR 168 and 286 specifications to develop customized portlet based on Struts portlet, Spring MVC frameworks, and much more.

Addition To Our Liferay Development Services

addition to our liferay development

4 Way Technologies provides a single source for multiple applications that can be easily integrated onto different platforms.


Easy to use development platforms such as JSR 168 for CE and EE Editions.


Focus on training module as per latest technology modules and framework modules such as Liferay MVC, Spray MVC, Angular JS etc.


Professional expertise in solving complex problems of functioning and operations.


24x7 customer support for technical assistance.


Easy to detect, debug, change and release error free solutions to a complex algorithm.

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Do you also have these queries?

What is the Liferay framework?

Liferay framework is open source and is mostly used in order to enable corporate intranet and extranet. Liferay framework is also known as a content management framework or web application framework. It consists of all the features offered by a website to its users.

    Is Liferay a good CMS?

    Yes of course! Liferay offers a flexible and powerful CMS in order to make fundamental changes in your business strategies. Liferay is also considered as one of the most popular CMS available in the market for administering and managing website content.

      Who Uses Liferay?

      There are a large number of IT organizations and computer software industries that use Liferay. There are more than 11,000 companies that use Liferay and most of them can be found in the USA. Companies with revenue ranging between 1M-10M dollars and employees strength between 10-50 most oftenly use Liferay.

        How do you create an API in Liferay?

        There are a few steps that you must follow in order to create an API in Liferay. Follow these steps to create REST API in Liferay:

        • Create a Project.
        • Next, install the REST builder. For more information related to installation, please follow this link REST Builder Gradle Plugin.
        • Run gradlew clean deploy. Important! Your Gradle wrapper might not appear in the project directory of your app, so you will need to use .. to locate it.
        • Create the *-api and *-impl projects with the files (build.gradle, bnd.bnd). You will also need to create a rest-config.yaml with the paths, packages, and author. For example:
        • In the *-impl root folder of your module, write your OpenAPI profile in YAML.
        • Now, in the *-impl root module folder, run gradlew buildREST.
        • REST Builder creates the interfaces with the JAX-RS endpoints. Also, it generates a *ResourceImpl class where the implementation process of the business logic for each service takes place.
        • After the implementation process of the business logic for each service, you need to deploy the modules. Now, the APIs can be available at this URL: http://[host]:[port]/o/[APPLICATION_CLASSNAME]/[OPEN_API_VERSION]/

        And we are done!

        How do I check my Liferay version?

        You can check the version of Liferay in the information banner located at the top of the “Resources” tab.