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Sencha touch development and products is an integrated and modular platform for designing, testing, and developing your cross-platform-based web applications.

You can also deploy Sencha Ext JS products separately or together in order to deliver a comprehensive and robust software solution. With the help of Sencha Ext JS platform, you can develop, debug, test, and prototype web applications on various devices using any browser.

Develop business apps that will rule the mobile market.

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The use of smartphones has increased on a large scale and it is crucial for enterprises to assure compatible applications across all major platforms like Android, Java, IOS, Windows, and others. Sencha Touch is the viable cross-platform framework providing access to native features on the phone. At 4 Way Technologies, we will help the development of mobile apps that are compatible with all the leading mobile platforms. We will also help the deployment of apps to the app store.

Sencha Ext JS is also the comprehensive platform for web application development that will provide a competitive edge to your business. Here you can get the assistance for design, development, and testing of data-intensive web applications. We will ensure a prolonged user experience of the web apps that work on all major platforms.

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Why Choose Sencha Ext JS App Development Services?

Business can build the best responsive applications with this powerful JavaScript and Java framework. Enterprises can build applications with an enterprise-ready framework that will have well-tested libraries and components. We believe that the development speed, transferable skill set, and cross-platform capabilities make Sencha Ext JS app development services the perfect choice for web and mobile applications.

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Sencha Touch Web Development

Business can build well-crafted applications and products with our vast knowledge, expertise, and commitment. Here our Sencha Ext JS developers follow the entire product development process for building a new app. It will include product identification & conceptualization and prototyping. We manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle, by optimizing processes, taking into account all the analytical requirements.

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Sencha Ext JS Hybrid App Development

The applications are built using JavaScript and it offers extensive support for MVC. The apps developed by our Sencha Touch development company would run on all mobile platforms and the solutions are cost-effective. Take help from our Sencha Ext JS developers to build Cross-Platform applications that will work on different platforms.

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Sencha Ext JS Touch Migration & Testing

Migrate to Sencha Ext JS from other frameworks easily taking advice and assistance of the expert professionals. Scale your app to new heights with our migration and testing services. Test the products rigorously to ensure high-quality apps.

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Sencha Touch Ext JS Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and updates will keep your product running all the time. The framework and application need to be kept updated for getting the desired results and we provide secure support service all round the clock.

Why Choose 4 Way Technologies As Your Sencha Ext JS App Development Company?

As we Sencha Ext JS app development company aims to build complex and robust web and mobile applications that have an intuitive user interface. Our strategies will target to achieve the best results for your business application.

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Ensuring a Fantastic User Experience

The product or app user will experience a responsive platform that will be easy to access and move around. Our Sencha Ext JS app development company will make the scrolling of apps smoother.

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Fast Loading Layouts

The apps created by our Sencha Ext JS app developers will have complex functionalities and fast response time. Apps will be able to load a layout within seconds and take less response time.

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Our Sencha Ext JS app developers will customize the app features according to your business need. The apps can be deployed easily on different platforms.

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Our Sencha app development company use Sancha framework to deploy apps for our clients on multiple platforms at a reduced cost. It is guaranteed you will not get such enhanced service at such a cost-effective price.

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Do you also have these queries?

What is Sencha Ext JS app development?

Sencha Ext JS is an application development platform that is responsible for simplifying the software development lifecycle management of applications. With Sencha touch development, you can easily design, test, and develop the web and mobile apps and provide impeccable user experience.

    Which architecture follows in Sencha Touch?

    Sencha Touch follows the MVC architecture pattern which is responsible for separating the control code, control view, and the application data. This separation provides you with large scale robust applications that are flexible and can be maintained very easily.

      How much does it cost to build a Sencha Touch Ext JS Application?

      Sencha touch development includes several components such as Ext JS, ExtWebComponents, ExtAngular, and more. The price of developing your application varies with every Sencha component. The average pricing for a single developer subscription license is approximately between &799 – &9190.