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WebRTC helps you to create your app that works across multiple platforms, from smartphones to web browsers for real-time communication that is secure and of high quality.

Our expert developers at 4 Way Technologies provide you with 360-degree solutions for the development of your WebRTC-based apps.

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What is WebRTC Application development?


WebRTC is an open-source technology released in 2011 which helps build simple and secure Real-Time Communication (RTC) applications for web browsers, computers, and smartphones. A WebRTC app allows peer-to-peer connection without a server after a secure connection is established between two client devices through a signalling server. Connection is established between two or more client devices by exchanging media configuration through SDEs followed by ICE candidates which contain network information of those devices. This establishes a secure peer-to-peer connection which is maintained without the involvement of any external server. WebRTC apps enable control over connected microphones and/or cameras of peer devices allowing seamless real-time Audio-Video calls between two or a group of clients. All these factors have let WebRTC become a common platform for developing RTC applications for most major companies across the globe.

Why do you need a WebRTC App?

A WebRTC app becomes necessary whenever there is a requirement for real-time communication across devices connected through the web. Countless major real-time communication apps like Google Meet, Snapchat, Discord and many more are built based on WebRTC technology. WebRTC allows you to create an app with functionalities like voice or video calls, file transfer and sharing, and direct messaging that are presently highly demanded tools for communication apps. WebRTC apps are chosen by numerous companies spanning multitudes of industries. WebRTC apps can be opted for conducting events, conferences, or meetings, having one-on-one audio or video calls, direct messaging and document sharing to individuals or a large group of people. Gaming and M&E platforms utilise WebRTC technology to offer their users real-time communication during gaming or watching videos together. WebRTC applications are highly popular on social media platforms and opted by leading social media companies like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. At 4 Way Technologies, our expert developers help you build your WebRTC app that would function seamlessly across any web-connected device or platform of your choice based on your requirements.

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Our WebRTC App Development Services


Highly Secured Video and Audio Calls of Enhanced Quality

We use the SRTP protocol in developing WebRTC apps which ensures added security to sharing data through your apps. WebRTC applications are considered secure as the WebRTC technology successfully eliminates the involvement of a third-party server. We build video encryption and verification features of SRTP to create highly secure apps with diminished spying risks.


Intuitive Functionality Features for Increased Utility

Our expert team of developers build all the necessary functionality tools that might be required for your platform based on your utility targets and user base. We are proficient in integrating Video and Audio Calls and Conferences, Data Transfer, File sharing, Direct messaging, Live Video Streaming, and Event Broadcasting features into your WebRTC apps. We use JS APIs that provide robust and scalable performance across all devices connected to the web.


Seamless Adaptation to Network Conditions

We build WebRTC apps that are highly adaptive to fluctuating network conditions allowing a seamless communication experience for your users. Our WebRTC apps are developed to negotiate among varying media types and endpoints, as well as avoid connection blockages so that they function seamlessly in most network conditions.


Supported across several devices and platforms

Our developers offer services to build WebRTC mobile apps as well as Web apps based on your requirements. Our WebRTC apps are also interoperable between standard protocols like Jingle, SIP, PSTN, and XMPP used in video and voice call frameworks.

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Media and Entertainment

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Retail and Commerce

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Why Choose Us for WebRTC Development

We are dedicated to building scalable WebRTC applications perfectly suited for your specific needs.

fast development

Fast Development

We make efficient use of WebRTC institutionalised APIs to develop and deliver your WebRTC app at a rapid speed.


Attentive to individual requirements

We build you WebRTC apps that are specific to your needs. Our developers are always keenly attentive to your specific requirements and develop WebRTC apps that uniquely cater to you based on your industry type and user base.

expert developers

Expert Developers

Our team of expert developers are always motivated to build robust and scalable WebRTC apps that have all the utilities you need.

on time delivery

On-Time Delivery

We believe in delivering all our projects strictly on time. We follow agile methodology to ensure your direct involvement throughout the project development and reliably receive your project within the stipulated time.


Competitive Pricing

Our working methodology is based on efficient use of time and resources that ultimately allows us to provide services at market-competitive pricing.

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