What is New in Tizen Studio 3.3 Release?

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A photo studio is a set of tools to click and produce a wonderful photograph. Similarly, Tizen Studio 3.3 is a set of tools to develop Samsung TV app, Tizen native, and web apps.

There, one can do all the development activities from building, debugging, to emulating Tizen native, web apps, and Samsung TV apps.

The development environment of the Tizen Studio allows one to develop Samsung SMART TV app more comfortably and is more focused on Tizen development.

The amazing thing is that Windows®, Ubuntu and macOS, all support this Linux-based software suite that combines the basic tools required to write and test software.

Tizen technical steering group announced the release of Tizen Studio version 3.3 on 23 July 2019.

Let’s see what it holds for us!

Major Bug Fixes

Major bug image

Hey, when we write code, at the testing phase, we often come across bugs that need to be fixed.

Let’s see what bug fixes are there!

  • If the emulator is not running, then, application launch does not occur. That means the option, i.e., Run works perfectly only for the first time.
  • When we run a project with a platform-level certificate, it asks for an Author and distributor password. The user doesn’t have to enter the Author and distributor password every time.
  • In Device manager, device logs are not visible due to a decomposition problem.
  • Add a launch-screen element to the platform for a web profile.

IDE and Tools

IDE and Tools

Fixed Bugs

Device Manager –

Device Manager resolves the logs’ issues that are not visible for the Raspberry Pi board.


International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA) resolves the log view’s issues for TV devices in the Tizen IDE. This algorithm not only resolves the incorrect app signing command’s issue that asks for the author and the distributor password.

It runs the application on the emulator automatically in the case of the launched state of the author.

There, the launch-screen element to the platform schema for the web applications is also available.

Known Issues

Tizen Studios

In Mac OS, if the user interface perspective is not displayed properly after updating Tizen Studio due to the uncleared cache from the previous installation, you can restart the IDE.

In case if you see any old perspective, you can create a new workspace and import the projects to the new workspace to resolve the issues.


If you install Tizen Studio in a directory that requires administrator privileges for access, then the Tizen Installer and the baseline SDK Installer alerts you.

Web and Native IDE

After Tizen Studio 2.0, Device Manager took the place of the connection explorer that caused errors in the connection explorer view. But, there is a way out:

1. First, you can reset the perspective in the Tizen Studio menu, run the eclipse, then launch the Tizen Studio.

2. Secondly, you can create unit tests for Tizen 2.3.2 and higher version projects.


Sometimes the preview tab in the web page editor does not appear properly. Instead, you can use the preview feature Ctrl + 4 of the web SDK, HTML editor.

Certificate Manager

Overwriting a duplicate certificate profile in the migration wizard doesn’t work correctly on macOS.

Native UI Builder

If we set the expanded attribute in a multi-button entry to false, then, the Native UI Builder will display “+”.

Native Component Designer

Native Component Manager neither supports the vector type nor allows you to see the vector image and change the SVG file.

Windows® or macOS doesn’t support the playing sound. If you select the alias as the source group of an added item, then, the component designer will crash.


We hope you found our blog helpful. After going through the above mentioned information about the new version 3.3 of Tizen, you would be able to grab some knowledge about the latest upgrades, new IDE and Tools, major bug fixes, and more. Through this information now you can officially do Tizen TV App Development without any hindrance on Tizen Studio.

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Major Bug Fixes

IDE and Tools

Fixed Bugs

Known Issues