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In today’s age of ever-changing digital marketing technology, audiences are more aware and always keep an update on the latest developments. And therefore, keeping the technological trend in mind and in order to maintain the constant attention of the audience, websites are required to be more informative and best systems should be introduced so that professionals can easily manage their entire marketing content, assets and then send it to the appropriate person on time.


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) CQ development is one such content management system that allows enterprises to deliver a customized digital experience to the audience through different channels.

This article will provide you with all the relevant details regarding what AEM CQ is and why AEM CQ is the next big technological asset.

So, let’s dive in!

What is the Technology Stack of AEM CQ?

The technological stack of the system is bundled up with the following technicalities:

  • Apache Sling – It is a framework of the web application, created for content-related applications. It uses Java Content Repository like CRX or Apache Jackrabbit for storing and managing content.
  • Apache Felix (OSGi) – This technology allows the installation and loading of bundles during operation and it contains compiled Java scripts, code, and content that is required to be loaded into a repository. It is an open-source project that includes OSGi framework and provides standard services.
  • Java Content Repository – It uses JSR-170 API for accessing the content repository

What are the Varied Uses of AEM/CQ?

AEM CQ uses are varied and the content management system of AEM CQ can help AEM stack development teams to manage the sites or web pages in various languages for several brands and numerous regions. The system also combines with Adobe Marketing Cloud so that the user can receive enriched experience and reach its desired target audience level.

Moreover, it can easily deliver the needs of the customer with easily accessible interfaces and inbuilt features. The system lets non-technical marketers create engaging pages easily with just some drag and drops. The digital assets including videos, images, spreadsheets, presentation, audio articles etc. can be stored together in a single place.

Intuitive tools in the system help to edit and develop any part of the website. It enables real-time previews of what the customer will actually get to see on their devices like mobile phones, desktops or tablets.

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Effective Data Management

The system of AEM CQ uses different types of tools that combine with one another and help the marketers to control multiple sites, handle data and the online communities together in a single place. The system also has inbuilt library tools that enable you to effectively track down your external communications, for instance, social media as well.

As the rise in internet usage has led to the growth of online communities, and in some instances, people are more active online on social media platforms rather than in real-life action. The system of AEM cq5 helps to communicate with these online groups and control the information and understandings people are sharing with each other on virtual platforms.

Aimed and On-Time Message Delivery

In today’s era of the digital age, it is expected to stay updated and AEM CQ5 system provides a flexible scope for updating all the touch points of the customer from a particular place. For example, latest assets can be updated via numerous channels by a single person and within just a fraction of times.

It is essential to create personalized websites for different regions across the globe, and it is Adobe ExperienceManager that helps in delivering the necessary brand knowledge all over the world by allowing the users in diverse countries to access the same platform of digital media and modify it to their region by creating language specific content.

Thus, the system is essential for marketers for value building, maintain consistency and get closer to the audiences. It can help to reduce down the time of your marketing strategies in a short span of time. The flexibility of the system enables you to alter the courses quickly in order to cater the demands of the audiences. After going through the post, now AEM stack meaning can be easily understood and also, we can realize upon why AEM CQ is essential for a marketer and learn what is AEM CQ and what are its actual benefits. Hence, stay ahead and install AEM CQ to your enterprise today!

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After going through this blog, we understood the meaning of AEM stack and also, we can realize why AEM CQ is essential for a marketer and learn what AEM CQ is and what are its actual benefits. Hence, stay ahead and install AEM CQ to your enterprise today.

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