Why Research is Important for Mobile App Development?

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In this article, we have discussed the importance of research in the development process of mobile applications.


Researching is obviously a very important part of anything and everything is it a simple school project, a startup, or a mobile application.

The digital world is ever-evolving, because of new technologies, mobile devices, and amazing mobile applications. People spend hours on mobile devices. As there are thousands of mobile applications already in the market, to stand out of all the folks, the first step for every mobile app development company should be doing the research even before pulling the first prototype of the application.

So, let us start!

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application or mobile app is a computer program or software program that is developed for mobile devices, not just phones but also for tablets or smartwatches. Mobile applications were basically developed for essential assistance and productive services like calendar, emails, or contacts, the things a person needs handy.

Mobile app development is a computer process of building an application that can be later used on mobile devices. This process includes researching, finding the right idea, planning, drawing an outline, drafting, designing, coding, and testing before releasing the application.

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Why Research should be done?

Researching is a necessity for every project and business. The following pointers will define better why research is important for mobile app development.

1. Better ability to Resolve the Issues

After settling on the idea, mobile app developers should research their idea, what kind of issues it’ll address, how the mobile app will solve the problems and if a similar kind of application already exists how they can still make it stand out, etc.

For example – if you’re thinking of developing an application that will help the working parents to hire a nanny for their kids locally, you need to run a background search on the idea, whether there are similar applications already available in the mobile stores or as a matter of fact websites too.

And if there are similar applications and what kind of problems users face while using them, are there still problems unanswered from the previous application?

The research will definitely help you better to answer the queries, solve the problems faced by the people through the mobile application and reach out to the audience better.

2. Fair Idea about Target Audience

Once you’re done with the research, you’ll have a better idea about your target audience and how to reach them. Considering the above example again – you are already aware that you’re targeting the parents who work but after your research is done you’ll have a clearer picture and the wide category of working parents will be divided into subcategories.

There must be a single parent wanting the nanny, or either both the parents working or maybe a nanny will be needed for the rich people, kids, etc.

3. Helps to give Better User Experience

Research gives you a better idea about the user’s expectations and what exactly they are looking for in the application. And once you have a better idea about the problems you want to solve and your target audience you can provide a better user experience than any other application.

4. Better UI and Easy-to-Use Application

Once you are one with everything like researching, planning, having a strategy you can move to the hardest part that is design and development. But obviously, after doing your research you have a far better idea about how UI should look and work and you won’t repeat the mistakes that lots of developers had committed before. And hence, research helped the mobile app developers to have a better, easy-to-use application with the best possible UI.

5. Better Marketing

Yes, you heard it right. Research definitely helps you to have better marketing strategies and attract a larger and potential audience. As you have researched the flaws, the issues and know the expectations of the users you can definitely know how to reach the target audience and impress them with the right logical facts.

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Research is definitely a necessity for mobile app development. And make sure after your research is done, you’ll be able to answer all the questions of the target audience, your app is easy to use, doesn’t have any repeated errors (in case if a similar app exists), and offers amazing UX and UI.

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