Vulnerability Management Added To Go 1.19

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Go is an open-source platform that was created over a span of more than eight long years by a Google team, helmed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson along with a lot of contributions from the developer community nurtured by the open-source platform. It has been utilized in well-known commercial successes like Docker and is primarily intended as a systems programming language.

The latest version release of Go 1.19

After the big release of Go 1.18 in March 2022, which included exciting features like GO Generics, Go published a quick subversion, GO 1.19, in early August, and it includes vulnerability management support besides generics-associated APIs. The Vulnerability Management Support is a starting step in educating Go developers about vulnerabilities that could have an impact.

To find any code that invokes known vulnerabilities, this new tool combines capabilities that evaluate your codebase and make use of Go's vulnerability database. The Go security team maintains the Go vulnerability database.

The new Vulnerability Management Support in Go

Information concerning security flaws within importable packages of open-source Go modules can be found in the vulnerability database for Go. The data comes directly from the go package maintainers as well as from already-existing sources like CVEs and GHSAs. The security team at Go then examines this data before it is uploaded to the database and made accessible through browsers. A list of publicly known computer security defects that have been given a CVE ID number is called CVEs, or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. GitHub Security Advisories are GHSAs.

The newly-added govulncheck command, described by Go developers as a low-noise, dependable means for them to discover known vulnerabilities that could compromise their projects, represents the new capability within Go. govulncheck is built as a stand-alone tool. It is designed to enable concurrent updates and quick iterations as the team collect user feedback. Primarily, based on whether functions called in a code are vulnerable functions, govulncheck examines the codebase and produces a report on any present vulnerabilities that can potentially harm the projects. The govulncheck utility will eventually be incorporated into the primary Go distribution.

The vulncheck package distributes govulncheck's capabilities as a Go API, making it possible to easily include vulnerability testing into other programs and procedures.

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The latest version release of Go 1.19

The new Vulnerability Management Support in Go