The 10th Birthday of Typescript: What Can We Expect?

The 10th Birthday of Typescript: What Can We Expect? Banner image's picture

The programming language of Microsoft, TypeScript, will turn 10 years old on October 1, 2022. Over these 10 years, it has performed well in terms of supporting JavaScript development. As per the senior program manager of TypeScript, Daniel Rosenwasser, “To some JavaScript users, a team trying to bring static types to JavaScript might have sounded like an evil plot or a joke." Let’s dig deep into the possibilities that this programming language is about to bring.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a programming language that incorporates additional syntax into JS. It supports stronger compatibility with the editor. Users can detect errors immediately in their editor. Using the delete key, users can convert TypeScript to JavaScript. On converting into JavaScript, users can run the TypeScript code anywhere compatible with JavaScript code, for instance in users' apps, in browsers, on Deno or Node.js.

To be precise, developers can improve and have better control of their codebase through easy error-catching options.

The Initial Days of Evolving

Given the vast usage of JS, TypeScript was developed with the aim of making the work of developers easier. However, in the initial days, it was quite difficult for the developers already working on JS to assimilate the interface of TypeScript. Their value proposition has been constant: to scale the development of JavaScript.

At the debut of TypeScript, this strongly-typed language has been introduced with the option of catching bugs, type-checking, and accessing rich-editing features such as refactorings, navigation, and code-completion. Even if the initial days were challenging, the community on StackOverflow and various debates associated with languages helped it to evolve.

Consistency in its Performance

The development process of TypeScript involves empathy, persistence, and outreach. Even though it is not a distinct programming language, TypeScript co-evolved with JS. The performance of TypeScrip can be said to be consistent based on the problem it tends to solve- to “typecheck” the JS program. If a user is struggling with the JS codebase, they can use TypEScript to get an interpretation of the correct runtime behaviour, detect basic typos or assess the API surface of the JS library. However, starting with TypeScript before learning JavaScript is not recommended.

Although users can use JavaScript-based primitives such as numbers and strings, it fails to check for consistency in the use of such primitives. With TypeScript, users can achieve this. This is where TypeScript stands out.

What scope can this 10-year-old TypeScript offer?

As per the Octoverse report of Github, the TypeScript language has secured its position as one of the top programming languages. On this basis, we can infer that TypeScript can offer huge scope to coders or developers. The success that the team has achieved is beyond expectations.

Top language over the years image

The growth of the language lies in the expansion of its community on Github, StackOverflow, and other platforms, which has continuously bet on the usefulness of the language and encouraged others to get hands-on experience with this language.

  • Since writing codebase exposes coders or developers to new challenges, typescript can solve the issue of type system.
  • In these 10 long years. The developer of TS has developed its learning opportunity to avoid the runtime syntax.
  • Users can work within the JS standards body, TC39 and unveil the new features of the JS library.
  • Users cannot get a stringent build pipeline. Rather they can use the TS compiler and integrate other external tools for building convoluted build workflows.

Since flexibility is the term that every developer needs to incorporate in the development process, typescript can help them achieve the goal.

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What is TypeScript?

The Initial Days of Evolving

Consistency in its Performance

What scope can this 10-year-old TypeScript offer?