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In this article, we have discussed the applications and features of Samsung SMART TV.

What is a SMART TV?

Smart TV is also known as connected TV. It is nothing else but a traditional TV with internet connective, interactive web 2.0 features which allow users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, play games (did I forget to mention in HD?), view photos among other things. In addition to traditional TV functionalities, it also provides Internet TV, online-streaming, Over-the-top (OTT) etc. 

Smart TVs were first introduced around the late 1970s. Smart TV is generally preloaded with the Operating System or Operating System can be made available through the set-up boxes. We can state that smart TVs do get some brains, to follow commands with intelligence.


As we all are aware Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean multinational electronics company. It is the world’s largest producer of consumer electronics and semiconductors. And, of course, also the world’s largest TV manufacturer.

Samsung introduced its first Smart TV in 2007 and at that, it was known as Smart LED TV and since Samsung is leading the Smart TV industry. Apart from all the other Smart TV features it also supports downloaded Smart TV apps from other developers and sites. Hence, Smart TV app development goes well with Samsung and other smart TV companies as well.

In 2010, Samsung launched its own app store for smart TV – Samsung App Store provides free downloading of applications for Samsung Smart TV. Since then, Samsung Smart TV App Development is the most emerging business. In 2015, Samsung Smart TV adapted an Operating System customized from the open-source Linux based Tizen OS. This makes Samsung smart TV app development easier.

What are the Apps that Run on Samsung Smart TV?

Here are some of the famous SMART TV applications that run on Samsung SMART TV as well:

  • (Amazon Video) Prime Video brings you immediate access to award-winning Amazon Originals series, movies and more. Search titles, search for your favorites, or enjoy movies and shows recommended just for you.
  • (Netflix) Directly watch TV shows, movies, and original programming. But, of course, you require to have a Netflix account for that. 
  • (Apple TV App) For the first time, you can buy, rent, and watch the newest movies, plus subscribe to and watch all-new Apple TV channels without actually buying Apple TV. You heard it right, you can do all this on your Samsung Smart TV with the newly launched Apple TV app.
  • (Spotify) You can listen to the kind of music you love, right on your Samsung Smart TV. Search your favourite playlists, albums and tracks, using your TV remote or phone, and boom they are your songs playing on your TV. 
  • (Toggle) The South Korean or rather Samsung’s channel that provides local entertainment and live sports. 
  • (Viu) Viu the Hong Kong-based over-the-top (OTT) video streaming channel, broadcast the best of Asian entertainment from Korean dramas to other varieties. 
  • (YouTube) Enjoy Youtubing on your big screen. 

What are the Amazing Features of Samsung SMART TV?

  • Personal Computer Mode

“TV turns PC”

This mode converts your Smart Tv into a full-fledged computer. You can work on the cloud, as it is available on the Samsung Smart TV. The TV becomes a big-screen mirror for the laptop. And most importantly, Samsung Smart TV provides remote access to your office computer system.

  • Music System on Big Screen

“See, feel the music like never before” 

This feature offers a completely incredible, new visual experience to your playlist. Within a few seconds, your smart TV transformed music system that too with 3 different colour formats giving amazing visuals and sound.

  • Home Cloud

“Secure storage on TV”

Samsung Cloud provides secure storage. This lets you save your most important files, data on your Samsung Smart TV, with password security, that too wirelessly and automatically. Setting your mobile-phone free from unwanted storage issues.

  • Live Cast

“Broadcast the moment”

This is a feature for live-streaming. Stream whatever you like, share and spread the enjoyment with your kind of stuff. Broadcast your experiences from anywhere, anytime.

  • Screen Mirroring

“Your stuff, on Big Screen”

Connect your smartphone with your smart TV and maximize your enjoyment and entertainment. Play videos, games, go through your gallery, play music for more alive experiences on big-screen.

  • Content Guide

“Minimal searching, full-on enjoyment”

With Samsung Smart TV content guide you’ll be recommended popular shows. The search list will-be cut short according to you, just for you. The top of list items will have what you love.

  • Bixby Voice Assistant

“Your own voice assistant”

It controls TV for you. Discovering your favourite content is now just a voice command away. You can demand an informative update just by saying.

Hence, all these features make Samsung Smart TV the world-famous. Samsung TV app development is gaining popularity you can develop your own Samsung smart TV app.


We hope you will like this blog. However, this article gives you only a brief introduction of Samsung Smart TV, there are several other things as well to explore in Samsung Smart TV. I will try my best to cover more information related to this article in my other subsequent blogs.

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