How Does Postmates Make Money?

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In our today’s day-to-day life, there are a number of basic tasks that we have to skip because of our busy schedules. Whether it is about buying gifts, wearables, or even preparing for dinner, we both know how difficult it is to manage things with our hectic working schedules.

Well! We all want to save our precious time by fulfilling all our needs with the help of just a single tap. In this context, you can consider smartphones as magical devices, which play a vital role in getting all the necessary services right at your doorstep with the help of one single application.

Postmates is one of those flawless applications that help you in getting everything delivered within time to your home. Whether it is food, groceries, or even alcohol, Postmates is a top-notch one-step platform for all the necessary goods you require in your daily life.

In this article, we are going to discuss what Postmates is, how it makes money, what are its working models, and more such informative details that you would like to read about Postmates.

So, let us dive in!


What is Postmates?

Postmates is an on-demand essential goods delivery platform, with the help of which, customers can order and receive every essential good from their likely stores for a small amount of fee. Currently, Postmates is operational in more than 95 metropolitan areas in the United States of America. The business model of Postmates is quite similar to that of Uber. The only difference is that Postmates allows its customers to purchase items from the comfort of their homes.

With an enhanced network chain of human couriers, Postmates delivers almost everything anywhere in their regional areas. Just like the drivers of the Uber mobile network, the delivery persons associated with Postmates receive the order via alerts and with the help of GPS, the company efficiently balances the demand and supply in the quickest possible way.

Now that you know the functionalities of Postmates, let us shed some light on the facts and stats about Postmates:

What are the Salient Features of Postmates?

  • Postmates provides both pickup and delivery services with the help of a single interface.
  • It allows the customers to order any kind of essential goods at any time. It means that they can receive their orders without getting worried about the timings.
  • Moreover, Postmates also facilitates the customers by offering live-tracking of the order through the entire time till the delivery reaches the destination address.
  • Postmates allows you to order anything from your favorite stores, which are tied-up with Postmates, and very soon you will get the things delivered.
  • It also provides gift cards to their valuable customers by which they can buy the things of their requirements from the stores in the town.
  • Also, Postmates has recently started to offer Postmates Unlimited, which is a payable service and allows customers to order anything without paying the delivery charges.

What is the Working Process of Postmates?

Postmates is a platform that connects the retail stores, bars, and restaurants to the customer in their respective delivery areas with the help of the internet. Postmates allows the customers to place the order either via Android and iOS mobile applications or through the company’s website. Moreover, Postmates also allows the customer to order other small goods such as clothing, technical devices, and more.

Although the company has many independent contractors who are proficient to fulfill your needs, you can pick up the orders at your convenience and avoid POD (Pay on Delivery) as well.

Now, you might be wondering, how does the entire process of Postmates work?

Well! Don’t worry. We are here to answer all of your questions. You need to follow the below steps to understand the entire Postmates working process flow:

STEP1: Search and find the products with the help of stores

Postmates possesses a list of all the participating stores and selling products. You can search and find the required product from the list. Also, there are several filters, which will help you in sorting the required product within a minute. Additionally, you can also browse a number of products along with the stores, which sell them.

STEP 2: Adding the products to your cart

After browsing for the specific products, you can proceed further by adding those products to your cart. It is done by selecting an item and clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, which can be seen right below the product. The cart is responsible for keeping the track record of each product and calculating the estimate that a customer needs to pay at the checkout page.

STEP 3: Making the payment

After adding the necessary products to the cart, you need to enter the shipping address in order to continue with the shopping process. Now, Postmates will provide you with various online payment methods in order to collect payment for the products that you have purchased. Once you pay the amount successfully, your order will be placed.

STEP 4: Preparing for delivery

Once you place the order, Postmates notifies the delivery services that are nearby. Then, the Postmates representatives arrive at the store and purchase the products. After the successful delivery of the products, the representatives send them to the customer’s specified address. After that, the chosen delivery employees are responsible for carrying out the overall delivery process in less than an hour.

STEP 5: Tracking of delivery

The live tracking service offered by Postmates allows customers like you, to track the live status of the orders. Moreover, the delivery boy can text the customers as well in case of delayed delivery due to any climatic or any other reasons. Also, the advance online payment for delivering the items also plays an important role in saving time and making the entire delivery process hassle-free. The customers only need to pick up the order after it arrives.


What is the Business Model of Postmates?

The major reason behind the enormous popularity of Postmates is social media, which plays an impeccable role in helping Postmates gain huge popularity. Social media is one of the most efficient ways for increasing the exposure of a brand and converting a large number of followers into customers.

Additionally, most of us are very curious to know about the business model of Postmates and what amount of money it is making. Also, there are various questions that are answered by messages on different websites and provide the right and complete picture.

Feedback plays a crucial role in increasing the growth rate of any business because it lets you learn the thinking of their customers from their perspective. Customers are free to provide reviews, give ratings and feedback for Postmates.

The three segments of Postmates’ Business Model are as follows:

1. Customers

Customers refer to the individuals like you, who request delivery services platforms like Postmates for placing their order items. The responsibility of the customers says that they should pay the delivery charges and convenience fees for their ordered products.

The team of Postmates gets combined with the general merchants in order to offer a platform for a large audience. Therefore, the dealers and merchants with whom Postmates’ team deals are happy to contribute a small portion of the entire bill to the earnings of Postmates.

This is how Postmates interacts with the general merchants. This is why it is a more convenient and less costly way according to many customers, which means sharing a small percentage of their income with Postmates rather than hiring a delivery boy. Here are some benefits that Postmates offers to the customers:

  • Postmates allows the customers to order their desired item from the local merchants participating with Postmates.
  • Postmates also make sure that the delivery must be attempted less than or within an hour.
  • You can also place orders according to your convenient time. Whether it is daytime or night, Postmates delivery services are 24×7, 365 days a year.

2. Store Owners & Merchants

Postmates possesses a partnership with merchants in order to avoid the delivery trucks running costs associated with the merchants. This is why customers are more than happy to pay a small fee rather than paying a monthly fee for using the delivery services of Postmates.

The mobile applications and website of these merchants and store owners provide Postmates an opportunity to promote their locations to the interested customers, which in turn helps in growing their popularity and revenue. Considering the below points:

  • Store owners can effectively use Postmates delivery platform for marketing and branding their services and products.
  • With the help of Postmates’ delivery services, the merchants and store owners can get goods delivered to their customers with an ease without maintaining a team of delivery persons.
  • In this way, due to the presence of Postmates’ delivery services around the city, store owners and merchants are serving their customers in a better way.

3. Delivery Service Providers

Postmates delivery service involves independent contractors for the purpose of courier delivery. Postmates enables the delivery persons to work as freelancers and provides an opportunity to earn a reasonable living wage.

According to the estimated calculation of Postmates, the delivery operators on average can have an opportunity to earn up to $25 an hour. Postmates is responsible for retaining 20% of the revenue from delivery services and sharing the balance 80% with delivery service providers. Some of the benefits of Postmates for delivery service providers are as follows:

  • Postmates allows flexible working hours to the delivery service providers by supporting and encouraging freelancing in goods delivery services.
  • With the help of Postmates, delivery service providers are able to receive 80% of the generated revenue from their deliveries.
  • Moreover, Postmates also supports delivery service providers by allowing them to choose their preferred mode of transportation for executing the delivery. For example, Walking, skating, riding a bicycle or a bike, scootering, etc.

How Does the Postmates Delivery Platform Make Money?

Postmates is one of the most famous goods delivery platforms that makes money in three primitive ways: with the help of Delivery Fees, Merchant Program, and the Convenience Fees. Along with these primary ways, Postmates is also responsible for earning money through several costs such as delivery fees and service fees, and through Postmates’ premium membership service, Unlimited.

So, let us understand all those ways with more clarity through which Postmates make money.


While completing orders through Postmates, it charges fees for placing the order, which is responsible for maximum revenue growth for Postmates.

A percentage of the sales price of the products is what a business receives at the start. However, this percentage varies according to the supplied products and the partnership agreement involved. For instance, a restaurant or cafe pays a commission of 20% at the time of selling food. However, a supermarket like Walmart would pay less commission because of the thin margins in the grocery industry.

There are various parameters that combine together to determine the compensation of a driver such as delivery speed, driver rating, and pickup time.

Postmates also makes money from “service fees.” This fee is based on percentage and is introduced for compensating the drivers and the company for additional services offered at the time of delivery like shopping grocery items from the shelves of the supermarket.

In addition to this, Postmates also charges a small fee for those orders that do not meet the minimum requirements and which are variable as per the location. The cost of each order is $1.99 for the cart.

Another fee is the “Cancellation Fee”, which is payable by the customers if they place an order and then cancel it. There are varying fees, which depend upon the number of orders, the status of the orders, and the merchant. The revenue of Postmates might increase more while using Postmates’ Blitz Pricing feature.

Delivery Fee

One of the unique selling points of Postmates as compared to any other on-demand delivery service is that it accepts orders from merchants who are not even partners.

Also, Postmates partners have a green checkmark along with their name, and deliveries to these partners would cost around $3.99, and if we talk about deliveries to everyone else, it would cost around $5.99–$9.99.

However, the delivery fee is split into the ratio of 4:1 between the delivery employee and the corporation. Out of the total delivery fee, the corporation receives only 20% of the total price.

Blitz Pricing

Blitz Pricing is also known as Surge Pricing. The dynamic pricing system of Postmates allows it to increase the prices by more than ten times when the total number of deliveries exceeds the total number of couriers available, which is known as Blitz or Surge Pricing.


Postmates is responsible for offering various businesses and restaurants an on-demand, new, and the digital environment with the help of their partnership. The company can eliminate the processing fees of credit cards, can focus on their core business, and receive more orders because Postmates is responsible for taking care of the delivery.

Postmates possesses a variety of trading agreements with a large number of trading partners. This is why it is a common task for the company to charge a fee for orders that have been created with the help of its website.

In addition to this, Postmates pay 15% – 30% of the price of a product before taxes. And, Postmates determines the cost by partner-client agreements.

Although non-partner dealers will not get charged, they cannot get rid of a high customer service fee, which they need to pay in order to compensate.


There is an API, which Postmates has released in order to allow businesses to integrate the most advanced local delivery platform of the industry into their mobile applications. The API of Postmates also allows the partners to deliver their products inside the service areas of Postmates with the help of Postmates’ fleet.

For example, there are many businesses like Starbucks, Instacart, and Target that have adopted this API for delivering their goods with the help of Postmates’ fleet of couriers.

In addition to this, these associations enable the organization to enhance the usage of its fleet and offer more money for it.

Postmates’ Unlimited Subscription

Unlimited refers to a subscription-based service of Postmates, which is responsible for offering enormous savings on delivery fees to clients. The following features are received by the customers as an exchange offer for paying the cost of $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year:

  • There will be no delivery fee for orders over $12.
  • Most of the Postmates events and freebies are based on first-come, first-served.
  • During busy hours, Blitz pricing will not be operational or charged.
  • Members often get exclusive and attractive offers.

An average saving of a Postmates Unlimited member would be around $185 per year. The subscribers of Postmates will have access to the network of Postmates of more than 600,000 restaurants and businesses. Since Unlimited is a subscription-based service, you can cancel it anytime at your convenience.



We hope that you will find this article helpful. After going through this blog, you will be able to understand the business model of Postmates and how it makes money. Some of the primitive ways of Postmates making money are Delivery Fees, commissions, partnerships, Unlimited, and more. And, due to its successful business model, Postmates is one of the most popular and growing delivery service platforms of today’s date.

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