How Beacon-Based Proximity Marketing Works?

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Are you thinking about reaching the target audience of your organization in a faster way? Well, then worry not as the modern technology regarding marketing can be your true savior. Yes, with the rapid advancement in the field of technology, such difficult challenges can be easily tackled through a comparatively simple solution: Beacons! For those who are wondering what is a beacon, well, know that it is a device that transmits appropriate, targeted messages and relevant information to nearby smartphones or tablets.


The beacon device is the latest addition to digital marketing trends and numerous industries are accepting the technology. We, at 4 Way Technologies, emphasize your readiness to recognize this high-tech device. Therefore, this writes up is intended to provide a detailed insight on beacon meaning and its necessity for enterprises to generate better marketing strategies. Think no longer then and proceed with reading further.

  • Significance of Beacon

Beacon is a device that runs on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. It allows mobile apps to track their user’s geographical position and then deliver location-based information. Once these BLE signals emit, they reach the nearby mobile devices and network through the installed mobile applications. It runs on coin batteries and users are required to enable their phone Bluetooth devices to receive the beacon signals on their mobile phones.

  • Unified Shopping Experience

In order to understand what is beacon-based marketing, it is to be observed that the technology can transform the way consumers relate with brands, and bring in a revolutionary approach to the way online ads can impact the retail market scenario. The beacon signals can enhance the usage of phones and provide a better idea of their surroundings. For instance, any app connected with a beacon can help you find out the best restaurants near you or instant notifications can help in your shopping schedule like tracing reviews of stores or shopping items or locating the availability of any item in stock you last saw in the store.

  • Area-Based Campaigns

Beacons can facilitate area-based campaigns for retailers by delivering relevant notifications instantly at the right time. These messages are generally personalized and inform the customer about special discounts, availability of new products, or promotions at the nearby store where the beacons are located. Such strategies trigger footfall and boost sales volume and exchange rates as well. The device can also attract more users to download the retailer’s app and retain it for more engaging activities in the future.

  • Collection of Data

A beacon device can track down the behavior of users and gather relevant data about their activities and preferences by networking with applications installed in their mobile phones or tablets within the proximity range. The data is essential especially for retailers, as it provides information to them for re-addressing the customers through more campaigns. Moreover, consumers often rush to stores if the content is highly relevant, like good offers and deals, which motivates them to buy the products.

What are the Types of Beacon Platforms?

To recognize what is beacon-based apps and their utility, it is necessary to understand the current market trends. At present Google’s Eddystone and Apple’s iBeacons are dominating in the scenario of the beacon market with their own customized BLE beacon applications. While the former is open-source and can be accessed from any mobile browser; the latter only supports user’s mobile phone apps.

Both the users of Android and iOS can receive notifications sent from these platforms. While here is a popular example of beacon apps available on the iBeacon platform; on other hand, Locate Beacon is an example of beacon apps that run on the Android platform exclusively.

Benefits of Business

As beacons collect customer data and information, marketers can target the required content for the customers. Since the technology blends with mobile apps, enterprises can access different metrics of customer behaviors like the kind of shopping they indulge in. It allows the retailers to alter their marketing plans, bring different offers and layouts to understand the needs, draw more sales and attention of the customer. The technology also increases better opportunities for retailers to make more money through direct promotions and providing on-spot purchasing options instead of shopping online for better deals.

Now that you have got a clear picture of what is a beacon and what is beacon-based apps or what is Beacon based marketing, it can be stated that Beacon technology is the next big platform in the field of proximity marketing for better engagement with the consumers in order to generate maximum productivity in sales.

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Now that you have got a clear picture of what is a beacon and what is beacon-based apps or what is Beacon based marketing, it can be stated that Beacon technology is the next big platform in the field of proximity marketing for better engagement with the consumers in order to generate maximum productivity in sales.

If you would like to develop beacons applications then you can contact a mobile app development company like 4 Way Technologies.

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