E-Commerce Mobile App Development: Importance, Advantages & Cost

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E-commerce is dated back to 1979, even way before the term was coined. As the online shopping system (e-commerce) started back when people weren’t aware of technology and computer systems, it was a huge hit back then. And now that, the 21st century is practically about technology and everything is at our fingertips, e-commerce doesn’t only stay on our computer screens anymore. E-commerce mobile app and e-commerce websites for mobile make it far easy to shop and get everything just by a single click.

As now everything is digital and just a click away on our smartphones so should e-commerce mobile app and if you don’t already have one it’s high time you get your e-commerce mobile app developed.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is the electronic exchange or trading of products or goods over the internet.

“E-commerce” this term was first used by Dr. Robert Jacobson in 1984. Electronic commerce is not only limited to websites or www but extended to e-commerce mobile application development and desktop applications. After being famous for almost over a decade e-commerce is not restricted to buying and selling of goods and products only. It is much more than that, electronic fund transfers like using Amazon Pay, electronic data interchange, providing cloud computing platforms for mobile app development, e-books (Kindle), music(iTunes), movies (Amazon Prime), and whatnot.

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E-commerce Mobile App Development – Why it is Important?

The sky’s the limit for businesses if you have taken your business online. In this helter-skelter world, nobody has time to go to stores anymore and do shopping in traditional ways. Instead, people prefer to have everything as fast as they can without being worried about hitting a dozen stores to buy what they want. This assertion holds for every business.

The force of the Internet has made it feasible for you to arrive at shoppers whenever, anyplace, from any gadget. Before 2020, more than half the world’s population were shopping online and using e-commerce but when COVID spread and became a pandemic in 2020 and the world was lockdown shopping online gain momentum like never before because now shopping online is not about being free of hustle-bustle about being safe and alive.

E-commerce businesses no doubt having a boost in the market. But what really will be helpful for businesses not to just have an e-commerce website but also get an e-commerce mobile development done. To have your e-commerce available on all kinds of electronic devices and platforms is always a good marketing strategy and will help you to reach the masses.

E-commerce mobile app development should be a must considered factor while you planning to launch your business online. If you already have your e-commerce website up and running and it’s bringing you good traffic, we still recommend you to have an e-commerce mobile app developed to reach the masses. There are fair chances that not everyone owns a desktop or laptop but everyone must own a smartphone and what’s more appealing and easy to reach them than the mobile application.

We all know Amazon was started back in 1995, with just the website but when the famous e-commerce gains momentum Jeff Bezos did the next valid step that is jump to e-commerce mobile app development. It is not rocket science, to see how important e-commerce mobile app development for businesses is. Be it small or big every venture is shifting online and while making the drastic changes of becoming an online shopping centre the next logical step is for your products will be available at the fingertips of your customers that they don’t have to go through the long way of ordering through the website.

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Advantages of E-commerce Mobile App Development

With a developer’s perspective –

  • Easy to update
  • Easy to fix bugs
  • Monetization through the e-commerce mobile app is much easier than the website
  • No big and expensive databases
  • Development is much easier

In terms of business –

  • Easy for customers to reach and shop
  • Available 24*7 on your customers’ fingertips
  • Free from the website login hustle
  • Branding your business while providing a great mobile app user experience

Mobile marketing

  • Pop-up messages
  • Cross-Platform mobile applications
  • In-app sharing to attract more customers
  • In-app purchase
  • In-app advertisements
  • Easy for customer interaction and engagement
  • The e-commerce mobile application development provides a better marketing channel.
  • Better UI and hence improvised user experience
  • Can provide premium features, with paid membership which will be easier with the mobile app

Why you need E-commerce App Development?

The absolute first and clear reason is the continually expanding utilization of smartphones and hence mobile application development for business. Furthermore, mobile applications can be all around incorporated and lined up with the internet business site independent of the tools on which it is made and the operating system for which it is made. Also, the organizations with their own mobile applications have prevailed at a soaring rate as it is simpler to arrange with fewer taps on the screen. Other than these, there are numerous different motivations to enter the field of mobile commerce.

Faithful customers of your business

An e-Commerce mobile application abbreviates the distance between a client and your image and items as it puts them forthrightly. A smartphone is an unavoidable device today and the purchasers are typically adjusted to look through different applications at whatever point and any place they discover not many extra minutes. Regardless of whether the buyer doesn’t click or interface on your mobile application, he/she makes certain to see its quality with the symbols flickering in the applications list. In spite of the fact that it might appear to involve little importance, it works and turns the purchaser to your item and if your item or administration has some worth expansion, it will make your business more grounded.

Easy Access to Retails Stores

Innovation has made internet shopping very simpler and easy. Anything-directly from a review to the cart to save later is a click away. Besides, the items or products visible to the customers and users as per their past visits, inclinations, searches, and conduct. This is the component that pulls in the web-based business storekeepers to go for an online business application improvement. Today, e-commerce mobile application development is completed with the assurance of better execution and user experience.

Virtual Sharing

E-commerce mobile applications allow customers and their users to share the items and products they like via social media platforms or messaging applications.

Plan of Action for E-commerce Mobile App Development

Choosing the suitable operating system and framework

The utmost important step after having an idea for the mobile application development is choosing the operating system on which you want to launch your application on. Will it be Android or iOS? And if you wanted to go for both the platforms will you prefer to go with a cross-platform framework like React Native app development or will it be Native app development, developing e-commerce individually for both platforms?

To answer these two questions you should know about the basic difference, the pros and cons, and the eCommerce app development cost. To have a better idea about both these eCommerce mobile app development techniques you can refer to our previous blogs –

Beginners Guide for React Native, Beginners Guide to Native iOS and Android Mobile App Development.

The decision about the design

Another important step for developing an application after having an idea for the app and choosing the techniques is to decide about the design and working of the application. Do you want your eCommerce app to look similar to the website or want a different design?

You can add as many features in your mobile commerce application as you want but here, another question arises do you want to keep the design simple and appealing or either attractive and still easy to navigate?

E-Commerce Mobile App Development Designing Tips

1. Make sure all the key elements have their dedicated sections and easy to locate.

All the key elements, like the order history, cart, wishlist, return and refund tab, etc should be easy to locate and have their own dedicated tabs.


There should be three tabs rule that should be followed.

  • Categories
  • Sub-categories
  • Products
3. One-tap sign up and check out process

The sign-up should be easy and less time-consuming, this will help the customers to sign up without any hustle. Another thing to keep in mind while eCommerce app development is to check-out process should be smooth. There shouldn’t so many check-points in between choosing the product and ordering it. But you have to keep in mind that you don’t miss the important check-out points to make it easy.

4. Simple Design

It’s good to have an outstanding UI, but while you try to make it more attractive it might lose the basic charm that is the ease of use. So, while designing the eCommerce mobile app make sure you stick to the basic goal that is simpler and easy to use for the customers.

Easy to Navigate App

No matter what type of design or platform you chose for your eCommerce mobile app development. The best feature should be easy to navigate. An end-user might be get attracted to the design and dozen new features but if your application is not easy to navigate and use there’s no point in spending time and money on building an app that will not help you to hold the customers.

Your application should be easy to navigate with subcategories for the products available in your online retail store and a search bar is a must.

The product listing

The main motto to build an eCommerce mobile application is to make sure your customers will stick to you and to attract new customers. Developing an amazing app, easy to navigate, mesmerizing design everything will work in your favour but should be the focal point while developing and designing that you get your product listing right.

Your products and items should be listed in a certain pattern that it won’t be difficult for a customer to go from one to another. And it’ll also help you to increase the sale. One more thing to keep in mind while product listing is your items should have an authentic description and the right visuals so that the customer can choose as per the need.

E-Commerce Website vs Mobile App

In this new age of technology, everything is available online be it movies, music, or your perfect match. So here comes the million-dollar question, what is better – a website or a mobile app?

To answer this question let’s a have quick look at what these two mean.


A website is an assortment of multiple web pages and related substances and contents that is recognized by the same domain name and distributed on one web server.

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Mobile App

A mobile application is a software application developed to work on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets or iPads.

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Amazing Websites

Most retail shop owners in this digital world have a website that is responsive and functions admirably well on smartphones i.e. now the websites are not only meant for desktop computers but also mobile devices. Presently, we are here to see whether it is feasible and okay to have only a responsive website for an eCommerce business.

Advantages of an eCommerce website –

  • Small online business goes with the responsive website since it is inside their methods. Other than being more moderate, the advancement of a versatile site takes impressively lesser time when contrasted with mobile applications. Moreover, the expense of keeping an application is higher than a website. Since this innovation is cross-stage, organizations don’t need to trouble themselves with distributing them on various application stores or foster them for different working frameworks.
  • Developing a website is a lot cheaper than eCommerce mobile app development cost, it is feasible to give the solace of shopping on the web on a smartphone through mobile phone friendly websites. The additional benefit is that you don’t need to download it like a mobile application.
  • This might not be as great as eCommerce mobile applications but it still helps you to generate traffic and your loyal customer’s stick. Your customers discover you on your browser and visit your website and share it through a straightforward URL.

eCommerce Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have extended their market around the world in recent years. Could the justification of their notoriety by the immense pool of advantages they embrace?

Pros of eCommerce mobile applications

Research and analysis contemplate having demonstrated that a normal person spends more than 80% of his/her time on an application and just 10% on a website. This plainly clarifies that users lean toward investing energy in a mobile application over a mobile device website.

  • When you get a user locally available, the odds of acquiring their faithfulness is a lot higher when contrasted with mobile device websites, which a customer may not recall after looking for once. Applications are a superior answer for client faithfulness.
  • The consistent UI that you can offer on a versatile couldn’t measure up to the website. A large group of highlights that applications expand builds the time a client spends on the application. Furthermore, applications have a superb UI and UX that permits the client to easily explore any page and see more pertinent items in lesser time.
  • eCommerce mobile applications defeat the issue of deserted shopping carts. The dazzling user experience helps in building brand acknowledgment and trust among clients, which duplicates the transformation rate essentially.
  • Organizations can offer a more customized shopping experience to the clients with an eCommerce mobile application. On the off chance that your application permits clients to fabricate their profile by adding their delivery address, name, email ID, versatile number, and profile picture, they can save time each time look at it.

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Features that Can Enhance Your E-Commerce Mobile App

The following is a rundown of key features that top organizations are including in their eCommerce mobile application development to upgrade their user experience and lift up their revenue.

  • Push-up notifications

With notification pop-up messages, online retail shop organizations can educate application users about the forthcoming item, new rebate offers, shopping coupons, and the order status on different stages. This assists firms with intersection sell and customizes commitment with clients.

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  • Chatbot

Chatbot empowers firms to support client assistance functionalities. It permits the customer to communicate with customer support specialists in a fast time span. Chatbot additionally helps in auto call logging and lead distinguishing proof adding to hierarchical proficiency.

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  • Payment Methods

An eCommerce mobile application should uphold numerous payment options including card payment, net banking, electronic wallet, or third-party wallet payments like PayPal. Also, retailers can incorporate POS (on location, point-of-sale) devices, like card swiping machines which will permit the customer to pay on delivery cashless. Having online different payment options is a necessity these days because of the pandemic.

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  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is a part of machine-learning where programming gains from a user’s past activities and afterward self-adjusts to give appropriate outcomes. Incorporating AI can assist online retailers with utilizing voice support, picture search, item proposal, conduct following, continuous detailing, and progressed eCommerce investigation.

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  • Social Media sharing

This is a must added feature nowadays. This is a social media age, where everything is posted online and shared. Adding a social media sharing button and integrating it with famous social media applications is like an unsaid rule for eCommerce mobile applications. When your customers like something they going to share it with their friends and family and ask for an opinion or suggest them the products and this will definitely going to boost up your customer’s numbers and sales.

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  • Voice Search

Nowadays speech searching is a feature that should be added not to just eCommerce mobile app but to other applications as well. It gives the differently-abled people the liberty to search without asking for assistance. And for normal people, it’s another thing to keep up with their fast-pacing life.

Voice Search Image
  • One-Click to order

Google and Apple had their options limited concerning single-click payment since Amazon had a patent on this innovation. But as it had expired in August 2017 it means everyone is free to use the feature. The benefit of this eCommerce business innovation is undoubtful since users don’t need to retype information again and again or play out a ton of steps to make one payment. By requesting fewer strides from a client, single-click payment is going to help the measure of motivation to buy products on your eCommerce application.

One Click to Order
  • This is one of the utmost features for every online shopping retail store be it, it’s over the websites or either mobile commerce. A shopping cart is like the basket that you carry in your supermarket stores and collecting items that you want to buy at one go. It’s just it is a digital version of the basket.
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How much eCommerce App Development Cost?

And as we know now, every eCommerce app development services company works on Agile methodology. It works sustainably, the whole development process will be break into small segments. These small segments take some time and as per the working hours, the eCommerce mobile app development cost will be decided. Our company provides eCommerce mobile app development services cost-effectively.

The general range for eCommerce app development cost per hour in few regions are –

  • USA: $100-$250 per hour
  • Europe: $80-$180 per hour
  • UK and Australia almost share the same range: $50-$150 per hour
  • India: $35-$100 per hour

Wrapping Up

Obviously, to be an outstanding reputation among the best eCommerce mobile applications, you need every one of the nuts and bolts like consistent route and other extraordinary and progressed highlights. In any case, imaginative mobile application patterns are what make you hang out on the lookout and takes the user experience on an unheard level. Besides, mobile application patterns help you support deals and improve customer dedication.

All over the globe, it’s feasible to observe distinctive mobile application patterns in the market because of different guidelines, ongoing and late advancements, and, to wrap things up, various shopper propensities. In case if we forget to discuss any important point let us know in the comment section.

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Plan of Action for E-commerce Mobile App Development

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Amazing Websites

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