Determining the Best Programming Language for Android App Development

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It’s been over a decade since the Android mobile phone came on the market. It never lost its charm ever since then, has reserved its place in the mobile app development Hall of Fame because of the easiness and cost-effective development.

Over 2 billion people worldwide are using Android phones and 1.65 billion are using iOS. Every organization and business is shifting to the online platform and what is better than having their own mobile applications to reach their customers. As Android phones are cheaper and easy to operate a bigger portion of the population is inclined towards it so do the mobile app developers.

What is Android OS?

Android is an electronic mobile device operating system used for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches. It is based on the modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software. The android operating system was built by an association of developers and software designers collectively known as Open Handset Alliance and financed by Google. Android is a free and open-source operating system.

What is Android App Development?

Android app development is the procedure of building applications for mobile devices that has android as the operating system. Android apps can be developed in Kotlin, Java, and C++ programming language using Android SDK or can be developed with the help of the software tool Android Studio. And after developing the application it’ll be launched on the Google Play Store for users to use. To develop the applications in non-JVM (Java Virtual Machine) languages need the JVM-language code.

Android Mobile App Development Techniques

As the technical world is ever-changing, new techniques, new tools, new frameworks being developed every now and then. So based on the recent advancement, there are two android app development techniques –

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app developmentis the technique where a single app is built for and run on multiple operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS. Mobile applications developed by using the hybrid technique can have different UI for different platforms and also can exhibit different features but the core idea and purpose of the application remain the same. It follows the mantra of “write once run anywhere”.

Native App Development

Native app development is a technique where an application is developed for the specific operating system for particular mobile devices. Native apps are developed either for Android or iOS or Windows.

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Android App Development Frameworks

An Android application development framework is a software toolbox that empowers application engineers to bits together with a completed item that meets the prerequisites of its owner. A system gives the bones of an application, to be fleshed out with illustrations, movement, unique highlights, and usefulness. Application structures are intended to rearrange the application advancement interaction and make it simple to oversee, adjust and fix bugs as it were.

Android application development company share large numbers of similar properties, alongside exceptional highlights that improve their fit to particular kinds of undertakings. The application system you select ought to be picked with the particular necessities of your venture at the top of the priority list.

React Native

React Native is an open-source framework for more desirable mobile application development with extensions to web application development as well. It was published by Facebook in March 2015. React Native is one of the most popular and commonly used cross-platform mobile application development frameworks nowadays. It is used from Android to the development of iOS applications, to Web applications, and even for UWP (Universal Windows Platform).


Flutter as we all know is an open-source software development kit developed and launched by Google. It uses for the development of Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia, and web applications. It allows cross-platform development.


Native Android development framework is among a portion of the world’s most famous versatile mobile app development framework. The SDK furnishes engineers with API libraries and developer tools important to fabricate, test, and troubleshoot splendid applications for the Android Platform.


Established in 2012, Ionic is viewed as perhaps the most famous cross-stage advancement system. It is a free, open-source system ensured by MIT that permits designers to utilize current web innovations including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

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Android App Development Programming Languages

A programming language is a computer language containing a set of strings, variables, and other data types that when put to get in a specific format with the right syntax and semantics it’ll give you a code that will be complied further give you an output. In simpler words, the programming language is nothing but a language to give instructions to a computer.


Java is a high-level, classes-based, object-oriented computer programming language. Java was developed to have lower implementation dependencies.

Java is a bit complex language and yet it is the most used programming language for Android App development. The mobile applications as simple as a calculator to some complex applications like canvas designing app, Java has answers for everything. It supports the hybrid(cross-platform) development technique to coordinate REST APIs in the application. Custom UI development and designing are completely supported by Java.

Google APIs linked with maps, advertisements, or firebase (cloud database), can be flawlessly coordinated with Java. The more perplexing the application features are, the simpler it is to create in Java. Abilities mastery is expected to develop the application. Once the application design is fabricated, it is helpful to utilize Java to assemble the work process in the application. Java is known for both hybrid and native android app development.

Android applications developed on Java – Uber, Trello, etc.


Kotlin is a cross-platform i.e. can be used for different operating systems, general-purpose computer programming language. The main reason for developing Kotlin is to have a language that can be fully interoperable with Java.

On 7 May 2019, Kotlin was officially adapted by Google for Android app development. Since then the Kotlin library was being used as a module for Android SDK. In terms of UI, Kotlin definitely proves to be better. Kotlin is known for designing an amazing user interface. Back-end programming for applications developed in Kotlin language is not an issue because it works in coordination with Java APIs. Kotlin is good with providing expansion highlights to make it easy for the demands. Kotlin is the language that is being purely used for Native app development only.

Android applications developed on Kotlin – Pinterest, Basecamp3, etc.


C++ is a general-purpose computer programming language invented by Bjarne Stroustrup. It follows the OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming Structure) paradigm and is an extension of ‘C’. C++ is also referred to as C with classes.

If your application includes working on complex logic related to token validation or either you want your application’s back-end logic to be fully secure that no one can decipher it then, C and C++ are the answer to your prayers. C and C++ code can be used with Android Native Development Kit. For the android applications that need to be developed with a lot of computational algorithms and logic or artificial work, you can use C++ libraries. The native C and C++ libraries are known for high-speed performance and they take low reaction time between activities. C++ can’t be used for cross-platform app development.

Android applications developed on C++ – YouTube, Amazon android app, etc.


JavaScript(JS) is a computer programming language that follows the ECMA Script specification. JS is a high-level, just-in-time (JIT) complied and multiparadigm language. In all honesty, JavaScript is the number language for web development. The ascent of frameworks like jQuery, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and React.js has made JavaScript significantly more mainstream.

React Native, a famous JavaScript framework permits you to foster cross-platform applications for both Android and iOS portable. We suggest you pick JavaScript for its all-inclusive allure and fame. And if you’re eventually planning to shift to iOS JavaScript should be your go-to language.

Android applications developed on JavaScript – LinkedIn, Candy Crush, etc.


Dart is a software development language, which was designed with the sole purpose of designing web, desktop, and mobile apps. It was invented by Google. It is an object-oriented, class-based language that follows the ‘C’ syntax style.

Dart is the language associated with the Flutter framework developed by Google. Flutter was invented with the goal of better cross-platform app development. By using Flutter the developers can’t develop only singular operating system mobile apps but for both the platforms as well as web applications that too using a single codebase. Dart and Flutter are free and open-source for developers.

Android applications developed on Dart – Alibaba, Google Ads, etc.


C# is another general-purpose, multi-paradigm language. It is also an updated version of ‘C’ with lots of new features. It comprises static typing, lexically scoped, in-built functions, object-oriented, and also component-oriented programming instructions.

C# is quite similar to Java with all its object-oriented properties even a little because it has component-based properties as well. In terms of syntax and in-built functions, no doubt C# is better than Java which makes coding a lot easier and hustles free. C# is used with the .NET framework which comes with its own benefits.

Android applications developed on C# –FareBoom, Slack, etc.

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With 2 billion Android mobile phones out there in the world, no time is best than now to conquer mobile app development.

There are a ton of applications like Chat Messenger, Music players, Games, and so forth that can be made utilizing the above dialects. Also, there is no language that can be known as the “right language” for Android App Development. Thus, it’s upon you to settle on the right decision of language based on your goals and inclinations for every individual venture. What’s more, consistently recollect, whatever your decision, it will just extend your range of abilities and lead to your development as an Android developer.

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