Common Mistakes While Outsourcing Mobile App Development Project

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Making mistakes is in the blood of humans as neither you nor am I born with perfection. But learning from them is a boon.

Here, we are gonna share the mistakes to avoid during outsource mobile app developmentprojects.

In this article, we have mentioned some most common mistakes that take place while outsourcing mobile app development projects.



In several ways, mobile app development is responsible for transforming the operations of businesses by providing an effective and engaging way in order to interact with the customers.

There are millions of well-designed and smart mobile apps that have allowed several businesses to achieve their goals in an impeccable and unimaginable way. However, various factors such as lack of skill set, communication, etc. do not allow your exceptional idea to become reality, and this is the point where challenges arise.

This is the core reason behind most of the enterprises choosing to outsource their mobile app development project instead of designating it to their internal mobile app development teams.

Though there are enormous advantages in hiring a development firm, there are challenges as well. Most enterprises make a lot of common mistakes in choosing a third-party partner.

This blog walks you through some most crucial mistakes while outsourcing mobile app development projects.

Here are certain Mistakes that are avoidable:


Lack of Research

The entrepreneurs in the eagerness of launching their app at the earliest tend to commit the basic mistake of choosing the very first mobile app development company or freelancer who you come across on the internet. But, that only leads to failure and wastage of resources.

You should remember that you need a developer with experience and expertise and not the cheapest one with poor knowledge and no experience.

For that, one should conduct proper market research to find the best mobile app development company. You should verify their credentials and know about their success rate. You should carefully scrutinize the portfolio of the mobile app development company to know about their past works and ensure that they are using the latest updated technology.


Lack of Clarity in the Requirements

Whether we talk about our personal goals or professional ones, clarity plays a vital role. One should be very clear about their perspective to achieve their desire. If you are confused with your requirements, you will be unable to explain your requirements to the developers. This will lead to having unnecessary features and functionality that the app doesn’t require.

To avoid this, you should know what you need and should prepare a list of desired features and functionalities. You should clearly explain the features to the developer as they are not mind-readers. They will be unable to design and develop the right apps as per your needs unless you explain your requirements clearly.


Not Owning Source Code

Not owning a source code will cause trouble. If you want to shift to another mobile app development company. You will be forced to go to the same developers in the future for edits and updates, even if you were not satisfied with their earlier services.

Moreover, when you ask for the source code when the app development is in progress or after the completion of development, some developers may charge additional charges.

To avoid these problems, you must include this clause in your contract. Make sure you discuss the source code right from the beginning and own the source code.


Failure to Take Into Consideration the Time Differences

Mobile app development demands continuous changes and updates. It is not a one-time process. If you commit the mistake of outsourcing your mobile app development to someone who is in extreme time difference your mobile app will suffer.

Moreover, there will be a huge communication gap between you and the developers. You will have to wait for several hours to get responses to your queries.

To avoid this issue, you should hire a mobile app development company in your neighboring time zone or a company that is ready to make time adjustments to suit your working time.


Ignoring the Importance of Testing

If your app is not tested properly, the risk of failure of the app is very high. If you commit the mistake of ignoring the importance of testing, you will be unable to attain your dream goals. Some developers test only the app on the date of delivery. It will result in a time delay of app launch and risk of failure of the app.

To avoid this, you should insist on testing the app in timely intervals at all stages of development. You should use an agile framework to test the app. Make sure the developers are serious about testing.


Lack of Communication

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship, whether it is official or personal. Its importance cannot be denied. Communicating your goals properly and clearly with the developers will help you to explain your expectations to developers.

The best way is to begin the conversation via emails and then keep in touch regularly to get updates, suggestions, etc. The outsourcing team must understand your requirements so at the end of the project you get what you expected.


Compromising With the Quality of Work

Sometimes many entrepreneurs and start-ups have low budgets due to which it is difficult for them to choose the appropriate mobile app development company. That leads to choosing a company that offers low-cost quotations.

But, there is no guarantee that these companies will provide them with the work they expect. More often than not, these companies turn out to be frauds and entrepreneurs don’t get the quality of work they agreed upon with these companies.

Don’t fall into the trap because the story might be different from what you are expecting.

It is always wise to select the most profitable way out from the best app developer’s companies. Select the top three developers that suit you and try not to make the list concerning money.



We hope that you found this article helpful. Now, you would be able to alleviate some of the migration risks and pressure while outsourcing mobile app development projects. As it is a long-term partnership, effective communication along with great transparency and compatibility is a must while choosing the outsourcing company. Find the right development partner and enjoy the impeccable benefits of mobile app development.

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Compromising With the Quality of Work