Beyond the Roku Channel Templates Designs

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How does the Roku channel tamplates come so organized? How do they keep up to look awesome?

Whenever we come across Roku Channels, these questions always ring in our heads, even, any Roku developer’s head.

As the look matters a lot in our daily life. And to maintain an eye-catching look, we need to carry ourselves in a certain way with proper hygiene where we need to keep everything in the proper order. If little things get either- thither, then things start to get messier than ever.

The same goes for Roku TV Development. With the help of the design, Roku channel templates become more organized and look great.

Currently, most of the developers use templates for developing the channels. Using Roku channel templates is, no doubt, a great way to organize Roku channels in your SMART TV app development process.

This blog will help you to understand some facts beyond the Roku channels templates designs.


Roku devices has been gaining huge popularity since its release just like the industry of streaming media players. With more than 20 million Roku units being sold out in the USA alone, Roku development is becoming the top priority for everyone.

But, every coin has two phases, the same is with the Roku templates.

Let’s just peek into it a bit!

What are the Advantages of Roku Templates for a SMART TV app Development?

Welcome! Here, we are gonna look at the advantages of the Roku templates in the process of Roku development.

  • Easy Workflow
  • Roku developers can create a new folder along with the correct structure as well.
  • You, as a Roku developer, can also add script files that are written in BrightScript, which is a hybrid between JavaScript and Visual Basic.
  • Roku development also includes zip up the working folder.
  • You can also upload the zip to the device via the web interface.
  • Roku developers can also connect a debugger with the help of the device’s IP and command.
  • Roku development also includes limited screen sizes to support.
  • Roku SDK offers a number of templates.
  • The SDK provided by Roku is well documented and helps you in using the templates by providing enormous details.
  • Allows prototyping at an astounding speed.

What are the Disadvantages of Roku Templates for a SMART TV app development?

Unfortunately, that’s the point where the evil phase of the Roku templates comes. Some of the disadvantages of Roku templates are as follows:

  • Roku templates are not that much customizable.
  • The proper documentation of building custom layouts is also not available.
  • Creating the custom layout is primitive
  • You have to place the UI manually as Roku SDK does not provide Relative or Linear layouts.
  • Events are also captured manually.
  • Processing events require the state of the applications to determine the occurrence of an action.

With the growing Roku audiences, the priority for custom Roku development is also increasing within several content providers and broadcasters for creating channels, which can go beyond the capabilities of the Roku templates offered in the SDK.

Why to Opt a Custom Roku Channel?

As Roku templates are not good for the brands that seek to give a more competitive viewing experience due to which the idea of custom Roku channels came into existence for Roku development.

Several organizations that seek to deliver a more competitive viewing experience want to create Roku channel for two primary reasons:

  • Branding: By the uprightness of the Roku templates’ limitations, they do not allow enough branding freedom. This does not mean that you cannot brand, it simply means that you get predetermined options for channel branding. Custom channels provide you customizations and styles for your in-app branding in order to make your channels consistent with other branded properties.
  • Features: Roku’s native experience is basic and its templates do not offer implementing abilities to many features. Building a custom channel simply means building features, which can offer a better and robust user experience. An example of a Roku channel is shown in the image below:

Roku Channel Templates Image

After going through the above blog, we understand that the Roku platform is a key to success when it comes to providing a robust user experience to your audiences as per their expectations. Because of its more organized look and great template design, Roku Application development company is getting huge popularity across the globe.

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What are the Advantages of Roku Templates for a SMART TV app Development?

What are the Disadvantages of Roku Templates for a SMART TV app development?

Why to Opt a Custom Roku Channel?